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DeBary OKs $70,000 for auto-plate readers to fight crime

DeBary City Council members approved $70,000 on Wednesday to help pay for license-plate reading cameras aimed at curbing crime in the River City.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood told council members the devices will help battle a spike in car burglaries and other crimes.

Overall, crime is down in DeBary, Chitwood said. He said the spike is largely a result of criminals from Seminole County.

Tag readers automatically scan plates and immediately trigger alerts when they spot stolen automobiles.

Chitwood originally asked for the money in June. But city council members delayed a decision at the time because of budget concerns.

The Sheriff’s Office used the devices to help make an arrest in Deltona after a boy was captured on video taking a package off a front step.

“The quick arrest would not have happened without modern technology,” Andrew Gant, a Sheriff’s Office spokesman said in a statement earlier Wednesday.

Santana Lindsey, 20, was arrested.  She is accused of driving the kindergartner ran to the front door of the house on Tamerlane Street.

Home security video, detective work and license-plate reader technology led deputies to Lindsey.

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Erin Boyd: Once-missing woman charged in motel abduction lie, cops say

Erin Boyd jail photo
Erin Boyd jail photo

An Orange City woman who went missing this week was arrested for lying about being abducted, deputies say.

Erin Boyd, 31, is accused of two charges related to falsely reporting a crime, according to the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach.

Her boyfriend reported her missing Sunday.  She was found safe and alone at the Chimney Corner Motel in DeLand, according to Andrew Gant, a spokesman for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

“Initially, Boyd was evasive on the circumstances around her disappearance,” Gant said in a statement.

She pretended to she was being held hostage, even calling 911 while deputies were on the scene, Gant said.

While deputies were on scene at the motel, she called 911 from her room asking for deputies to let her out, as if she was being held against her will.

“She then attempted to report to a deputy on scene that she was intimidated into leaving home and coming to the motel, and that she had been deprived of her phone,” Gant added.

A deputy later found her phone in the motel-room toilet.

“Boyd alleged again Friday that she was imprisoned against her will, and her claim was disproved,” Gant said. “She is being charged with two misdemeanors: making a false report to law enforcement and making a false official statement.”

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Mom in DeBary theft case must repay doctor $100K, judge says







When she ran a DeBary doctor’s office, Tisha Krutsinger stole more than $100,000 from her boss for such expenses as tanning sessions, plane tickets and a maid for her house, records allege.

Now the former office manager is under orders to repay Dr. Humberto Dominguez at a rate of $1,000 per month.

But Krutsinger, 43, says she can’t afford to pay and is asking for the court to give her a break. She can’t make the payments, citing severe financial hardships and mounting health-care bills.

“I was clearly in the wrong committing this crime, and I know that my behavior was deserving a punishment,” Krutsinger wrote in a letter last month to a Volusia County judge. “I can offer no excuses, but instead state categorically that I am truly very sorry that I broke the law and it will never happen again.”

Her request for leniency and a lower monthly restitution payment was denied.

Tisha Kurtsinger

Circuit Court Judge James R. Clayton sentenced Krutsinger in June,  finding her guilty of grand theft over $100,000.

She entered a no-contest plea.

In July, Clayton put her on community control for 12 months followed by 108 months of probation. He also ordered the $1,000 per month payments to Dominguez.

“This is putting great strain on my family as well as my health,” Krutsinger wrote. “I will have to foreclose on my home, declare bankruptcy and forego any more medical treatment if this continues. At this time I am barely able to feed my family and I am truly concerned and very scared as to the future of myself and my children.”

Dominguez realized there was a problem with his finances after his credit card was declined in May 2014, around the same time Krutsinger was fired.

He later learned Krutsinger had a credit card issued in her name that was linked to the doctor’s business, deputies say.

At the time, the doctor didn’t realize Krutsinger had been charging large sums of money and then paying them with funds from his personal bank account, a Sheriff’s Office spokesman said in 2014.

The doctor confronted her and she admitted making the personal purchases, saying she would repay him. He fired her on May 27 and called the Sheriff’s Office for help.

“Mere minutes after Krutsinger was escorted out of the office, the doctor learned that the mortgage payments on his office building hadn’t been paid for several months and foreclosure proceedings had been initiated,” the spokesman said.

The spokesman said detectives discovered that she issued an extra payroll check to herself and took cash advances on the doctor’s credit card.

She used the money to pay for her cellphone, auto insurance, car repairs, cable, orthodontic bills and a plane trip to Kansas City, deputies allege.

Records show the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office successfully seized the couple’s 2006 GMC Yukon and a 2004 Land Rover because they had both been linked to the crimes.

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TISHA to Judge

DeBary Golf & Country Club lost $6.5K to veteran-charity scammer, deputies say

DeBary Golf &  Country Club lost $6,500 as one of the alleged victims of a man who falsely claimed to be raising money for military veterans, deputies said Friday.

Christopher P. Blake, 46, of Ormond Beach is accused of ripping off supporters of his organization, Second Chance Veterans Foundation, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Anyone who thinks they were scammed by Blake or has information is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 386-254-1537.

$6,500 check bounced

During an investigation, a detective learned that Blake’s $6,500 check for his Oct. 28 fundraiser at DeBary Golf &  Country Club bounced, said Andrew Gant, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office.

“The manager reported that Blake had about 40 people at the event, each of them paying Blake $100 to play golf and eat lunch,” Gant said in a statement.

The investigation began last week after the Sheriff’s Office got a complaint from a local business that provided Blake signs and banners for a fundraiser but was never paid.

No Harley donated nor displayed

Gant said the detective on the case quickly realized something was up.

“The detective found a promotion for a Memorial Day raffle of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was said to be donated by Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson and on display at Ace Café in Orlando,” Gant wrote. “However, Rossmeyer’s denied ever donating a Harley, and Ace said no Harley was on display for Blake or his organization.”

The detective went to Blake’s office, where the landlord said Blake had not paid for rent in six months.

Chitwood, Sheriff’s Office not affiliated

The case remains under investigation as other potential victims come forward, some prompted by seeing photos Blake has posted on Facebook featuring himself and various figures, including Sheriff Mike Chitwood. Neither Sheriff Chitwood nor the Sheriff’s Office were affiliated with Blake or his organization.

“The landlord was scheduled to meet with Blake at her office that morning, and she let the detective sit in on the meeting – introducing him to Blake as her friend,” Gant wrote.

At one point, Blake showed the “friend” videos of events like a fundraiser at DeBary Golf and Country Club.

“Blake also told the detective he could buy a raffle ticket for the Harley,” Gant added.

Orange City hotel scammed

The detective also discovered Blake’s tracks at a Holiday Inn in Orange City.

The hotel gave Blake a $100 donation to sponsor his golf tournament.  Blake also asked for four free hotel rooms. He got a discount instead.

“But Blake’s debit card used for payment was ultimately declined, and his bill of $956.30 was never paid,” Gant wrote.

Gerald Riggs lost $2,500

Gant said former NFL running back Gerald Riggs was a victim. Riggs was a celebrity guest at the golf tournament. He received a $2,500 check from Blake that bounced.

The Second Chance Veterans Foundation website is at

“Help U.S. Veterans Keep a home, start a business, create jobs, and to more effectively reintegrate back into society by partnering with the Veteran Entrepreneur Center,” the website said.

Blake was taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach on Friday and held on $10,000 bail.

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DeBary felon flips off deputy, gets tires flattened

A DeBary felon flipped off a deputy before officers flattened the tires of his SUV on Interstate 4 in Deltona, records show.

Jonathan Kral, 42, remained behind bars after his alleged crime spree Friday.

Jonathan KralAfter stopping, Kral yelled at officers to shoot him and a deputy had to tackle him to get him into handcuffs.

Kral was charged with fleeing and eluding, resisting an officer with violence and other crimes.

Kral’s second arrest this month

It was his second arrest this month. He was arrested Dec. 6 in DeBary, accusing of driving without a valid license.

He threatened to kill officers and said a Jihad was coming to take out citizens, records show.

Kral is being held without bond at the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach.

Behind the wheel

Kral was behind the wheel of a red Ford Explorer that passed too close a deputy conducting a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 17-92 and Saxon Boulevard just before 7 a.m. Dec. 16.

Sgt. Keith Peck attempted to stop the SUV at Saxon Boulevard east of Enterprise Road, but the vehicle continued moving.

Peck used his spotlight to get the driver’s attention. He later activated his siren, which was also ignored.

As the vehicle got into the turn lane to go east on Interstate 4, Peck turned off the siren and pulled alongside the vehicle when it was stopped for traffic.

Giving the ‘middle finger’

“Sgt. Peck pointed the spotlight into the driver’s area and could clearly see the driver eating something and then he gave Sgt. Peck the middle finger and continued to get on the highway,” a report said.

Peck followed, going under the speed limit, about 60 to 64 miles per hour, while other officers set up tire-deflating stop sticks on the highway at I-4 and State Road 472.

The sticks hit the right side tires and the right rear went flat.

The SUV pulled over at Mile Marker 115.

Kral got out and Peck drew his handgun, ordering the suspect to the ground. He refused and yelled at Peck to shoot him. Kral was talking to someone on his cellphone.

Officer tackled Kral

Peck holstered his firearm and drew his stun gun. But Kral was wearing a heavy coat – a factor that could impede the stun-gun’s impact.

Peck ran up behind Kral and tackled him to the ground and held him there until other officers arrived. He continued to resist, trying to throw off Peck. When after backup arrived, Kral continued to fight back, moving his head back and forth and scraping his face on the ground.

He was eventually cuffed and placed in a patrol vehicle. He threatened to kill deputies and fight them.

Deputies found marijuana, pot pipes and pills.

Long criminal history

Deputies later determined he had a 27-page criminal history, including 10 felonies, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

He served less than a year in state prison for an October 2012 charge of aggravated assault and a May 2013 child-abuse charge, records show.

He was taken into state custody in July 2013 and released in March 2014.

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Christopher Langer’s dad in 2011: “My son is a drug addict”

Six years ago, when his son was facing a possible prison sentence for drug-trafficking charges, Scott Langer of DeBary appealed to a judge for leniency.

“My son is a drug addict,” the elder Langer said of then 24-year-old Christopher Langer. “He is a new father, and he has a good heart. He is not a violent person, and would not hurt a flea. But he is a drug addict.”

Christopher Langer, now 31, remains at the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach as an investigation continues into the explosives and containers of bodily fluids found in the house he shares with his parents in Saxon Woods.

Mass Destruction

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood told TV reporters that Langer was building a weapon of mass destruction and wanted to harm first responders.

Langer rigged a SpongeBob SquarePants lunch box as a booby trap in the backyard, Chitwood said.

Investigators also found a metal pineapple-style grenade with a paperclip in place to hold the lever and keep it from exploding.

They also found a booby-trap in the backyard covered by a toy.

Chitwood said Langer has been involuntarily committed four times under the state’s Baker Act. He described the suspect as an anti-government heroin addict.

Two weeks ago, deputies responded to the same home and administered two antidotes after Langer overdosed on heroin.

Domestic Disturbance

A domestic disturbance that started Sunday led to the discovery of an array of potentially explosive devices and substances, prompting a bomb squad response that lasted through the night and into Monday morning.

Volusia County sheriff’s deputies, detectives, Hazmat units from Volusia County and Deltona fire departments and members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms responded.

Deputies arrived at 124 Bradwick Circle around 4:11 p.m. Sunday in response to an argument between Langer and his parents. During the argument, an intoxicated Langer told his parents he had put an explosive substance inside a grenade.

Langer initially denied the grenade existed. But then he acknowledged he had thrown it outside, showing it to the deputy. The deputy found a metal pineapple-style grenade with a paperclip in place to hold the lever and keep it from exploding.

Deputies evacuated the house and began an investigation and obtained a search warrant. About 200 containers were found in the house containing unknown powders, acids and other materials.

Many of them (about 79) have been placed into a containment area, and many have been determined not to be bomb-making materials but bodily fluids.

A bomb robot used to examine a hole in the back yard discovered a small explosive device, and a second possible explosive device was found in a lunchbox.

Some neighboring homes in the area were evacuated in the initial stages of the call, but those residents returned to their homes Sunday evening.

Back in Jail

Langer has been charged with making/possessing a destructive device and was transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail, where he was being held Sunday morning on $5,000 bail. (Note: that bail was later revoked by a judge.)

Two additional charges stemming from an August case involving Langer were added. He is accused of stealing a laptop and generator from his father and pawning the items for drug money. The additional pre-trial release charges are for grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

In April 2011, he entered no-contest pleas to charges of attempting to obtain controlled substance by fraud and possession of Scheduled II substance. Both are third-degree felonies.

He was placed on two years drug offender probation and ordered to complete a treatment diversion program. He was discharged from the program after two months for drinking alcohol.  He was also back into the program and completed it in October 2012.

A judge terminated his probation that month.

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Daraja Adero Tinsley: DeBary suspect has criminal past

Daraja Adero Tinsley, a suspected Ormond Beach cell-phone store robber caught in DeBary last week after a chase, has been accused of similar crimes in the past, records show.

Tinsley was charged in 2015, along with 15 others, in a high-profile crackdown of two Orlando street gangs targeting cell-phone stores.

The gangs, One-Way Boyz and Young Cutthroats, stole phones and other devices tethered to displays, according to Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office of Statewide Prosecution.

The suspects involved in the AT&T robbery at  Slayton Wireless at 374 W. Granada Boulevard on Aug. 29 allegedly pushed a clerk and ripped phones off a display.


Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood spotted their getaway car and law enforcers chased it until it crashed in DeBary.

Tinsley ran but was eventually taken down by a K-9 unit. The other two suspects — Wendell Harp, 18, and Sheldric J. Slater, 19 — gave up. No previous criminal charges in Florida could be found Saturday for Harp and  Slater.

Tinsley, however, was on community supervision for the 2015 case when he was arrested in DeBary.

Records in Orange County show an arrest affidavit for violation of probation was filed for Tinsley in that case.

Tinsley was charged with one count of racketeering and one count of conspiracy to commit racketeering on Nov.  4, 2015. At the time, Bondi’s office said Tinsley and each of the other co-defendants faced as much as 60 years in prison.

Tinsley pleaded no contest on May 12, 2016 and was found guilty of both charges.  He was sentenced to four years of community supervision, according to the Florida Department of Corrections.

Records show he was previously sentenced to two years of community supervision for crimes in Polk County including burglary and trespassing.

He was sentenced in July 2014 to two years of community supervision for a grand theft charge in Orange County, records show.

In his most recent case, Tinsley is charged with fleeing, resisting an officer without violence, grand theft, robbery and grand theft valued at $300 or more but less than $5,000.

Harp is charged with grand theft valued at $300 or more but less than $5,000 and robbery.

Slater is charged with grand theft valued at $300 or more but less than $5,000, robbery and giving a false name to law enforcement.


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DeBary crash after chase ends with 3 arrests

An urgent voice crackled over the airwaves.

“They’re getting off at Dirksen. They’re getting off at Dirksen.”

Minutes later, three suspects – accused Ormond Beach cell-phone store robbers  — roared off Interstate 4 and crashed in DeBary as a Volusia County Sheriff’s Office chopper captured the action.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood spotted the suspects’ vehicle — a white Dodge — heading south on Interstate 95.

Daraja Adero Tinsley
Sheldric J Slater
Wendell Harp

Cops were looking for the vehicle after three suspects robbed an AT&T store in Ormond Beach on Aug. 29.

The store’s clerk was shoved into a counter and several iPhones were stolen.

Chitwood spotted the getaway vehicle and called in a description and tag number.

The driver refused to stop for a traffic stop. Chitwood radioed in that it failed to stop and started to flee on Interstate 4 heading west.

“Sheriff Chitwood authorized a vehicle pursuit for his agency and pursued the vehicle with marked VCSO Deputy Sheriffs car and FHP marked patrol car,” a report said.

Chitwood said the vehicle then got off at Dirksen Drive heading west.

“The vehicle then crashed near Dirksen Drive/Grande Vista Street. The three occupants of the vehicle then started to run on foot from within the vehicle,” the report said.

Deputies told them to stop – but only two did: Wendell Harp, 18, and Sheldric J. Slater, 19.

Daraja Adero Tinsley, 20,  ran, according to a report and chopper video.

Deputies with two K-9 police dogs later took Tinsley later down near Dirksen and Agua Vista drives in DeBary.” A report said he was taken for medical treatment but details were not released.

A report said he was taken for medical treatment but details were not released.

All three remained at the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach on Saturday.

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