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DeBary dog named Junior racked up $2,500 in vet bills


A DeBary dog named Junior almost drowned. But then he chewed up some toys and got sick from ingesting the debris.

With Junior’s  veterinary bills up to $2,500, friends are asking for donations to help his new owner, Ashley Curfman of DeBary.

“This dog has been through soooo much…with such a dedicated foster that has now become his new mommy!!!” Facebook user Jamie Herman of DeLand wrote Sunday. “Please help her help him!!!”

Donations can be called into DeLand Animal Hospital at 386-734-1802.

Curfman said online she rescued the dog from a lake earlier this month.

The dog was adopted by a family but they later decided they couldn’t handle his “puppy attitude,” she said on Facebook.

“We have had him for about a week now and like any puppy he chewed on toys… he tore them up and it looked as if he was eating them (rope toys). Now I am freaking out because he hasn’t eaten for three days, he does drink, but no eating. I thought he was just doing a “cleanse” that my dog does once in a while,” Curfman wrote Aug. 23.

He was rushed to Deland Animal Hospital.

Curfman had no money “but thanks to donations from many local people the down payment of $1900 was raised along with her putting down $700,” Herman wrote Sunday.

Vets found pieces of toys amid the “twisted intestines” that had to be removed, as was a  bad kidney infection, she said.

“He still has a battle and now been about 4 days at the emergency vet and hasnt been released yet. He still wont eat….and now fluid has built back up….hes not out of the clear yet!” Herman wrote.

“Please help her so she can bring this sweet boy home where he belongs!!!! Ashley Curfman Is his new mommy and you can contact her for any questions!! We ill keep everyone updated!!!”

Facebook users are expressing support.

“ have gone above and beyond for this little guy,” Brooke McKendrick‎ wrote to Curfman. “You are awesome for this. Really hope he pulls through, but it’s so amazing he is getting to experience love in his time of need. He wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for you!!”

DeBary mini pig named Petals struggling to stay alive

A DeBary mini pig named Petals is struggling to stay alive.

Donations are flowing into a GoFundme account to help pay for the baby porker’s soaring medical bills.

The piggy’s parents hope the cash will come in quickly to save their newest family member.

“She’s not just a pig, she’s family, now,” Kari PTF said in a post. “The kids adore her, she cuddles , and is smart as can be . Any help might just save her life !”

Eight-week-old Petals has an enlarged heart and pneumonia, Kari PTF wrote.

One night, Petals went into extreme distress, gasping for air and struggling for breath.

“We managed to get her to an animal hospital that accepted exotic pets in the nick of time . They immediately began critical care emergency life saving treatments.”

The latest update: The pig needs to go to Gainesville to visit a University of Florida veterinarian for a heart exam before fluid fills her lungs again.

“This test is $400-$600 plus any medication needed to keep her going . The news stinks , by isn’t unmanageable !”


DeBary abuzz about once-missing dog Toby

Residents in DeBary are outraged and heartbroken after learning a once-missing, runaway dog ended up with a new family after being found.

“To the family that now has Toby, please please give him back,” Facebook user Tessa Fannin said in a post on Thursday.

Toby’s owner is a single dad with two children, Fannin wrote.

“They love this boy with all their heart & soul,” Fannin added. Toby “has never been neglected and he is a companion to the children.”

The people who have Toby are urged to call original owner Chris Bove at 386-837-2378.

The identity of the individual or individuals who currently have Toby wasn’t immediately known Saturday.

The debate about Toby, the circumstances of his initial disappearance, the involvement of a DeLand-based animal group and the dog’s subsequent rehoming have all been topics on the popular DeBary Proud! Facebook page in recent days.

“Toby is missing his family.” wrote Facebook user Evelyn Patterson Reed. “I’m heartbroken for the family and Toby. His family went door to door in the scorching heat looking for him. I know this because they came to my door. This should not be happening!!!”

The dog went missing on Aug. 1.

An unidentified person found him the next day and “did not make any effort to find it’s owner,” Fannin wrote.

No so, according to  ARK Animal Rescue, a DeLand based nonprofit that released a statement on its Facebook page.

“The dog in question was found and advertised for 5 days by the family who found it. By law a found animal is to be advertised for 72 hours. The people who found the dog obeyed the law. A week later they contacted ARK,” the statement said.

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