‘Scumbags’ in DeBary elder crimes tracked down in N.C., Sheriff says

A woman accused of stealing her elderly DeBary grandparents’ Toyota Corolla and two alleged accomplices were tracked down in North Carolina today, deputies said.

Mary Hall and two men — both suspects in other DeBary crimes – were stopped in the stolen vehicle in North Carolina amid Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood’s ongoing “Scumbags of the Week” campaign.

They ripped off Hall’s grandparents, Chitwood said.  Hall and Albert Blackburn II were arrested. Matthew Hall ran and remained on the loose early Friday evening.

The Halls used to be married, according to WESH Channel 2.

“All three are suspects in an elderly exploitation case in DeBary, where an 81-year-old woman and her 91-year-old husband were victimized and intimidated to the point that they were unable to buy medication or pay their bills,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Andrew Gant said in an email.

Chitwood called the men “Scumbags” on Thursday, generating media coverage and an anonymous tip that led authorities to the trio.

Matthew Hall and Blackburn are also accused in a burglary/dealing in stolen property case in the same DeBary neighborhood, Gant said.

“The trio was riding in the stolen Corolla when police conducted a traffic stop on them in North Carolina,” Gant added. “Matthew Hall took off running and is still being sought. Blackburn was arrested on his outstanding Volusia County warrant and Mary Hall was charged with auto theft as she was in possession of a stolen vehicle.”

 The case is active and other charges are pending.

“The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office extends its sincere appreciation to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office, St. Pauls Police Department and every person who submits a tip or clicks “share” on the VCSO’s SCUMBAGS of the Week,” Gant’s statement added.
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