Amazing! These Are The 7 Oldest Restaurants in Fort Worth

Amazing! These Are The 7 Oldest Restaurants in Fort Worth

Debarylife – Fort Worth, Texas, is well-known for its extensive culinary traditions in addition to its thriving cultural scene and historic cowboy culture.

These seven Fort Worth restaurants have been around for decades, and they offer more than just a good meal; they’re windows into the past and a flavor of the city’s heritage.

The 7 Oldest Restaurants in Fort Worth

1. Joe T. Garcia’s –

Joe T. Garcia’s, a Fort Worth institution since 1935, is truly legendary. A spacious location renowned for its lush grounds and festive ambiance, this family-owned restaurant began as a tiny cafe serving authentic Mexican food.

Famous for its enchiladas, fajitas, and cool margaritas, Joe T. Garcia’s attracts a lot of guests. Due to its vibrant past and dedication to excellence, the restaurant has become a beloved mainstay of the Fort Worth dining scene.

2. Steak House Cattlemen’s –

Established in 1947, Cattlemen’s Steak House has long been a beloved establishment among fans of steak. Situated in the historic Stockyards District, this storied restaurant, with its rustic décor and hearty meals, radiates Old West charm.

Savor succulent beef slices that have been perfectly grilled over an open flame for your dining pleasure. Cattlemen’s Steak House offers a genuine experience of Texas hospitality, from succulent filet mignon to succulent T-bones.

3. Paris Coffee Shop –

Serving up traditional diner meals with a dash of southern friendliness, Paris Coffee Shop has been around since 1926. Offering substantial breakfasts, homemade pies, and limitless cups of coffee, this welcoming restaurant has been a Fort Worth mainstay for years.

Amazing! These Are The 7 Oldest Restaurants in Fort Worth Amazing! These Are The 7 Oldest Restaurants in Fort Worth (1)

Paris Coffee Shop serves the best comfort cuisine, whether you’re in the mood for savory omelets, fluffy pancakes, or a slice of baked pie.

4. Smokehouse Railhead BBQ –

Barbecue enthusiasts should not miss Railhead Smokehouse BBQ, which has been around since the 1940s.

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With a dash of Texas charm, this unpretentious restaurant specializes in slow-smoked meats. For decades, Railhead Smokehouse BBQ has been providing mouthwatering barbecue to ravenous eaters, specializing in succulent brisket and fall-off-the-bone ribs.

5. Restaurant La Familia Mexicana –

La Familia Mexican Restaurant is one of the oldest family-owned Mexican restaurants in Fort Worth, having opened its doors in 1946. This well-liked restaurant is well-known for its hearty servings, tasty food, and friendly service.

Authentic Tex-Mex cuisine, such as sizzling fajitas and creamy enchiladas, is served at La Familia Mexican Restaurant, attracting customers who keep coming back for more.

6. Italian restaurant Sardine’s –

Sardine’s Ristorante Italiano has been a well-liked Fort Worth Italian restaurant since it first opened in 1927.

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Traditional Italian cuisine prepared from scratch utilizing family-secret recipes is served at this quaint restaurant. In the heart of Texas, Sardine’s Ristorante Italiano delivers a flavor of Old-World Italy with its delectable pasta and savory osso buco.

7. Riscky’s Barbeque –

Established in 1927, Riscky’s Barbeque is a Fort Worth landmark renowned for its succulent smoked meats and rustic warmth. For more than nine decades, this family-run barbecue restaurant has been providing succulent brisket, flavorful sausage links, and zesty barbecue sauce.

Riscky’s Barbeque is a must-visit location for barbecue enthusiasts in Fort Worth because of its rustic charm and mouthwatering cuisine.


Not only do these seven Fort Worth restaurants serve wonderful food, but they also offer a window into the city’s rich culinary past.

These well-known restaurants have something to please every appetite and leave a lasting impression on your taste buds, whether you’re seeking scrumptious barbecue, robust steakhouse meals, or classic Tex-Mex.

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