Amazing! F1 Flair, Hard Rock's $200 Wings Take Center Stage In Miami Grand Prix Luxury

Amazing! F1 Flair, Hard Rock’s $200 Wings Take Center Stage In Miami Grand Prix Luxury

DEBARYLIFE – This next weekend is the third edition of the Miami Grand Prix. Costly offerings, such as a $280 Maine lobster roll, were available at the Hard Rock Beach Club on the occasion. It is well known that Formula 1 is a show of grandeur.

In particular, at the Hard Rock Beach Club, where a plate of wings costs around $200, the Miami Grand Prix was an extravagant event.

For the third Miami Grand Prix, which began on Friday at the Miami International Autodrome, large crowds of Formula 1 spectators flocked to South Florida this weekend. Set up around Hard Rock Stadium, the racetrack is 3.7 miles long.

A few Formula One fans were more intrigued by the ostentation at the Hard Rock Beach Club than by the presence of billionaires such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk at the festivities.

The Hard Rock Beach Club was unveiled by Hard Rock International in March. The dayclub included star-studded performances and a view of the racecourse, according to a press release. According to the official website, a three-day admission costs $1,750.

Beach Club Hard Rock

With images of the food posted on X, Nascar driver Ryan Ellis gave Formula One fans a peek inside the opulent venue. For Business Insider, Ellis attested to having taken the photos.

Amazing! F1 Flair, Hard Rock's $200 Wings Take Center Stage In Miami Grand Prix Luxury (1)

As he noted in the caption, “F1 is a little more expensive than NASCAR.”

A $170 Empanada Duo and a $170 Yellowfin Tuna Poke were the two least expensive meals among the array of food options displayed in the photo. Based on the photographs, the menu included a chilled prawn dish for $290 and a Maine lobster roll for $280.

And it seems that for $400, visitors could upgrade any item to include one ounce of caviar.

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A picture of the drink menu that Ellis also posted had water priced at $25 and Heineken 0.0 at $45 for the latter. A 1.5-liter Armand de Brignac Rosé bottle, which cost $3,600, looked to be the most costly item.

Business Insider requested comment from Hard Rock representatives, but they did not get back to us right away.

NASCAR and other motorsports are well-liked in the US, but after dominating Europe, the F1 industry is trying to gain traction with US spectators.

Although longstanding fans are accustomed to F1’s lavish and spectacular reputation, the typical American may find it more difficult to embrace. As per Blackbook Motorsport, even if Nascar’s viewership has plateaued recently, it continues to outpace the average US viewing of Formula One.

Perhaps the extravagant prices usually linked with Formula One are one explanation. The industry should drop its price point to appeal to middle-class sports fans, according to Bloomberg columnist Adam Minter, if it wants to attract more attention.

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