Belton Couple Arrested for Illegally Occupying For-sale Property

Belton Couple Arrested for Illegally Occupying For-sale Property

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office reports that a couple in Belton, South Carolina, was taken into custody after moving into a house that did not belong to them.

According to the authorities, Deathra Watson and Christopher Spear became aware of a house on Summer Valley Lane in March that was being offered for sale by the existing owner. According to the sheriff’s office, the couple quickly drafted a sales contract, made a cash offer, and promptly scheduled a showing of the property.

It was reported by the sheriff’s office that the pair had furnished the homeowners with phony bank statements and had kept strong communication with them in order to sell their story. They stated that when the attorneys’ office and the sellers noticed a delay in cash to close the sale, Watson and Spear stated that they were engaged in a continuing battle with identity fraud, which was causing the wire transfer to be delayed.

According to the authorities, the pair was able to obtain the keys to the residence and move in immediately after they gave a phony confirmation number. A termination notice was sent out by attorneys in the days that followed in order to have the sale of the home quickly revoked; nevertheless, officials reported that the couple did not move out of the property.

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A search warrant was swiftly carried out by the deputies, who then seized the house and took the individuals into custody.

In addition to the charges of forgery and conspiracy, Watson and Spear are also accused of obtaining property through fraudulent means.

Ten thousand dollars is required as a bond for each charge, and the couple has already posted a bond at this time.

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