California Man ARRESTED After Random ATTACKS on ELDERLY Victims A Disturbing Case

California Man ARRESTED After Random ATTACKS on ELDERLY Victims: A Disturbing Case

According to the authorities, a man from California who randomly attacked two elderly victims in separate events and posed for a casual photo after one of the attacks was taken into custody on Saturday.

A 25-year-old man named Nicholas Hostetler has been identified as the suspect in connection with two assaults that occurred in Campbell this month against elderly males, according to the Campbell Police Department. In the first incident, which took place on May 4, Hostetler is reported to have assaulted a victim on San Tomas Aquino Road before fleeing the scene, according to the police.

The suspect, on the other hand, stopped to strike a casual posture on a sidewalk as the victim took a picture in the hopes of identifying the person who was allegedly responsible for his assault.

The photograph was shared on social media by the police, and they requested assistance from the general public in identifying the offender. The second incident of random violence took place on Friday morning in Campbell, according to the police, while a man of 75 years of age was out for a walk.

It has been stated that Hostetler struck the victim in the face near the intersection of Inwood Drive and Elam Avenue.

A short time later, when the guy, who was 75 years old, and his family went back to the location to seek for surveillance cameras, they came face to face with Hostetler once more, according to the police records. Before fleeing the location, Hostetler allegedly attempted to fight the family, as reported by Law Enforcement.

Officers started searching the area right away, and they quickly determined that Hostetler was the person they were looking for.

On Saturday morning, the police made contact with Hostetler’s parents, and with their assistance, Hostetler was able to come out of his residence and be detained without any complications. An officer was allegedly kicked by Hostetler while he was being booked into the Santa Clara County Jail on two counts of elder abuse, according to the authorities charged with the case.

In addition to that, Hostetler was charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer.

According to the statement sent by the agency, “We cannot thank our community enough for their partnership in incidents just like these.” We can guarantee that our officers are working hard to conduct a thorough investigation into these instances to the fullest extent possible.

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