Cold Case Cracked Arrests Made in an 11-year-old Union City Triple Homicide Case Why Did It Take Decades to Solve

Cold Case Cracked: Arrests Made in an 11-year-old Union City Triple Homicide Case: Why Did It Take Decades to Solve?

Three Alabama residents were discovered dead inside a vehicle in Union City in 2013.

Until last week, the case had been unresolved.

Kevin Harris, Keante Harris, Kenneth Thompson, and Derrell Adams were arrested in three states between Wednesday and Friday in connection with the fatalities, according to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. They are all accused of murder.

Cheryl Colquitt-Thompson, 32, Quinones King, 33, and Rodney Cottrell, 43, were found dead inside a car on an I-85 ramp in Union City on January 13, 2013, according to officials. An officer patrolling the area discovered the vehicle sitting idle on the northbound exit ramp.

Colquitt-Thompson’s body had been placed into the trunk. King and Cottrell were both present inside the vehicle. “It was determined through the investigation that all three victims were tortured and murdered in Clayton County and dumped in Fulton County,” according to the Clayton sheriff’s office.

According to officials, the victims were “lured” to a home on Magnolia Drive in Jonesboro, where they were forced inside at gunpoint. They were loaded into a Dodge Charger and driven to Fulton, the sheriff’s office said.

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On Wednesday, the sheriff’s office obtained 12 murder warrants for the suspects and quickly began locating and apprehending them. Officials could not explain how the four individuals were linked to the investigation, and no information about their detention was given.

This is at least the second cold case solved this week through an arrest. On Thursday, the GBI reported Edrick Lamont Faust’s arrest in the 2001 killing of Tara Louise Baker, a University of Georgia law student. The 48-year-old suspect has a significant criminal past dating back to his adolescent years.

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