DC Mayor Faces Scrutiny Over Travel Expenses During Vegas Trip Revealed By 7News

DC Mayor Faces Scrutiny Over Travel Expenses During Vegas Trip Revealed By 7News

WASHINGTON (7News) — The Mayor of the District of Columbia, Muriel Bowser, is now traveling outside of the District. to the International Council of Shopping Centers meeting in Las Vegas this time.

Convention passes can cost as much as $2,000.

The three-day trip is being taken by the mayor along with fourteen other D.C. officials and staff personnel, including Councilmembers Phil Mendelson, Kenyan McDuffie, Brooke Pinto, and Zachary Parker.

The mayor was interviewed by 7News while in Vegas. We enquired as to whether crime in different parts of D.C. is a deterrent to drawing in new business since her public relations personnel had not asked any questions concerning her trip expenditure reports.

People are aware of our intense attention to ensuring the safety of every area of our city. Regarding how our laws handle organized retail theft, I believe we’re probably at the forefront of the nation. Mayor Bowser stated, “And retailers are thrilled to hear that.”

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At the convention, D.C. is showing a sizable exhibit. After some research, we discovered that booths cost $33 for non-members and $16.50 for ICSC members per square foot.

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The mayor did not save receipts for her hotel stay, food, or airfare to the United Nations Climate Conference in Dubai last year, as 7News revealed this week. This also applies to her trip to Miami in 2022, where she attended the US Conference of Mayors Fall Leadership.

Her past month’s spending report for the Masters Tournament is still being processed. The majority of the trip to Augusta, Georgia was funded by Events DC, a D.C. governmental organization, and Eden Development paid $5,000 per person to fly her and other staff members to the golf championship.

Beverly Perry, the Mayor’s Senior Advisor and a frequent travel companion, is also in Vegas on public funds.

She went to the Masters and Miami in 2022 with the mayor. Her round-trip ticket to Miami cost $942, and she paid $381 for her stay at the Hilton in downtown Miami.

The mayor informed us that she had been quite busy in Las Vegas.

“I believe that we got the opportunity to meet with many wonderful people. Mayor Bowser stated, “We had a great reception where people in the industry gathered to learn about our plans in D.C.

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