Five Most Affordable California Cities for 2024 A Cost-conscious Guide

Five Most Affordable California Cities for 2024: A Cost-conscious Guide

Even though California is known for having high living costs, there are still some places where prices are reasonable. In the Golden State, there are towns with low costs of living, like Oxnard with its peaceful beaches, and Eureka with its lots of history.

There is a place for everyone, whether you want to live in the quiet suburbs of Clovis or the lively college town of Chico. Here is a look at the five most affordable places in California that promise a good life and lots of money.

1. Calipatria

  • Population: 6,579.
  • Overall Cost of Living Index: 85.
  • Median income is $43,095.
  • Median home price is $226,274.
  • Median rent: $832.

Calipatria, California’s most cheap community, provides a California-sized economic sanctuary with “Californian low” $226,274 property prices and $832 rentals.

It’s reasonable that the cost of living is lower in Imperial County, which is more than two hours east of San Diego and near the Salton Sea. Calipatria’s 85 cost-of-living index score is primarily attributable to low housing expenses. Salvation Mountain and the Salton Sea Wildlife Refuge are both inexpensive attractions.

2. El Centro

  • Population: 44,184.
  • Overall Cost of Living Index: 93.
  • The median income is $54,922.
  • The median home price is $336,547.
  • Median rent: $938.

El Centro, located just across the US-Mexico border from Mexicali, is the state’s Second-cheapest city. California may have the second-highest rent in America, but El Centro residents are unaware of this. The median rent in El Centro is $938, which is around three times less than the statewide average. The median income in El Centro is $54,922, and the median home price is $336,547.

El Centro is a low-cost city with convenient access to our southern neighbors, whether you’re renting or buying.

3. Brawley

  • Population: 26,509.
  • Overall Cost of Living Index: 95.
  • The median income is $56,229.
  • Median home price: $305,267.
  • Median rent: $926.

Brawley, another Salton Sea savings haven, is California’s third most affordable city.

You may embrace your inner cowboy in Brawley by going on an adventure at the Imperial Sand Dunes or wearing your cowboy hat at the Brawley Cattle Call Rodeo. When you’re not having fun, you’ll save money on necessities like groceries and services, which are among the lowest in California.

4. Susanville

  • Population is 15,737.
  • Overall Cost of Living Index: 95.
  • Median income is $52,997.
  • Median home price is $236,618.
  • Median rent: $918.

Susanville should be on your radar if you’re seeking a cheap area to reside in California. Housing prices are much lower than the state average, with a typical property value of $236,618 and a median rent of $918.

However, the cost is simply one incentive to consider Susanvilles for your next home. This little settlement, located on the Susan River at an elevation of almost 4,000 feet, is known for its beautiful scenery and outdoor activities. Despite its small population of 15,737, there is lots to do in town, including exploring the Lassen National Forest and visiting local businesses and restaurants.

5. Calexico

  • Population: 38,599.
  • Overall Cost of Living Index: 97.
  • Median income: $51,667.
  • The median home price is $337,495.
  • Median rent is $1,087.

Calexico, the Fifth cheapest city in California, is the closest you can get to Mexico without crossing the border. It maintains a cost-of-living index of 97, luring residents with lower-than-average costs.

The city’s affordability is matched by its thriving cosmopolitan culture and convenient location for transit. Furthermore, Calexico’s low median rent of $1,087 allows you to spend more time doing exciting things, such as playing with the kids at Adrian C Cordova Park.


California’s reputation for high living costs does not diminish the affordability found in its hidden gems. Calipatria, El Centro, Brawley, Susanville, and Calexico all provide a unique combination of low-cost living and the benefits of California’s eclectic lifestyle.

Whether it’s the tranquil desert scenery or the proximity to international borders, these cities demonstrate that a prosperous existence in the Golden State is more than a pipe dream. They serve as beacons of affordability, allowing inhabitants to enjoy the California experience without the financial pressure that is often associated with the state.

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