Four Women Arrested in Alleged $5,000 Stanley Cup Theft in Florida

Four Women Arrested in Alleged $5,000 Stanley Cup Theft in Florida

Four women were apprehended in Nassau County, Florida, following a spree of thefts that included an unusual haul of Stanley cups and gourmet food items. According to authorities, Stacy Sullivan, Kaneki Hickson, Montavia Sullivan, and Tracy Sullivan were involved in stealing merchandise valued at approximately $5,000 from two Winn-Dixie stores and two Ace Hardware locations.

The thefts occurred last Saturday across stores in Nassau County, near Jacksonville. The suspects’ crime spree began at an Ace Hardware store on Miner Road in Yulee, where they reportedly concealed 24 Stanley cups under their clothing and in bags before fleeing in a silver Chevy Malibu. Store employees alerted authorities, prompting an off-duty lieutenant to locate the vehicle near Arrigo Boulevard and State Road 200.

Upon spotting the suspects’ car pulling into a nearby Winn-Dixie parking lot, law enforcement officers moved swiftly to arrest the women. Subsequent investigation confirmed their involvement in multiple theft incidents across the four stores. Inside the vehicle, deputies discovered not only the stolen Stanley cups but also a variety of high-end food items such as lobster tails, steak, crab meat, and several bottles of champagne taken from Winn-Dixie.

The suspects, now identified as Stacy Sullivan, Kaneki Hickson, Montavia Sullivan, and Tracy Sullivan, were charged with felony grand theft and conspiracy to commit retail theft. They were promptly booked into the Nassau County jail following their arrest.

This incident highlights a unique case of theft involving items of significant value and luxury food products. The collaboration between store employees and law enforcement led to the swift apprehension of the suspects, ensuring the recovery of stolen property and the enforcement of justice in Nassau County.

Authorities have praised the quick response of the off-duty lieutenant and the coordinated effort that resulted in the arrests. The investigation into the thefts continues as law enforcement works to determine the full extent of the women’s criminal activities and any potential accomplices.

The stolen merchandise, which included a substantial number of Stanley cups and an assortment of gourmet foods, underscores the suspects’ audacious attempt to capitalize on their “expensive taste” without regard for the consequences. The case serves as a reminder of the vigilance required in preventing such incidents and the importance of collaborative efforts between businesses and law enforcement agencies to combat retail theft.

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As the legal proceedings unfold, the community awaits further updates on the repercussions for the four women involved in this brazen theft spree across Nassau County.

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