Here Are the Best Places in the US to See the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024

Here Are the Best Places in the US to See the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024

On April 8th, 2024, a stunning celestial phenomenon will sweep across the United States: a total solar eclipse. Unlike a partial eclipse, in which the moon covers only a section of the sun, a total solar eclipse produces a spectacular moment of daytime darkness known as totality. In the middle of the day, the moon will fully obstruct the sun’s disk for a few minutes, revealing its glittering outer atmosphere, corona, and even stars and planets.

The Best Places to Witness the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in the United States

The line of totality for the 2024 eclipse will stretch diagonally across the country from Texas to Maine, giving millions of people the opportunity to witness this spectacular phenomenon. If you want to fully experience the eclipse, these are some of the greatest sites in the United States to position yourself:

Texas: The Lone Star State Provides Prime Viewing

Texas has the distinction of being the first state in the United States to see the eclipse of 2024. Several important cities fall perfectly within the path of totality, providing a combination of urban amenities and excellent eclipse viewing:

San Antonio: This dynamic city has historical buildings like the Alamo, family-friendly activities like the River Walk, and easy access to stunning natural regions perfect for eclipse viewing.

Dallas: A central urban area with convenient transportation access, travelers may combine their eclipse experience with world-class museums and a variety of food alternatives.

Austin, Texas’s quirky capital city, mixes live music, outdoor activities, and a prime location on the eclipse’s path, ensuring a remarkable total experience.

The Heartland: Eclipse Chase in the Midwest

As the eclipse moves northeastward, it will provide good viewing opportunities in several major Midwestern states:

Oklahoma and Arkansas: For those looking for a more rural eclipse experience, these bordering states have plenty of open space, as well as some state parks and natural sites. Consider Lake Texoma in Oklahoma or the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas for picturesque landscapes to complement the astronomical spectacle.

Missouri and Illinois: The eclipse path travels across major population areas such as St. Louis, Missouri, and Indianapolis, Indiana, but it also provides an opportunity to visit attractive rural villages with welcoming community celebrations.

Ohio: Cleveland, the “Rock and Roll Capital of the World,” as well as Columbus and other Ohioan cities, provide both cultural activities and excellent eclipse-watching possibilities along the path of totality.

Northeast: History and Totality are Intertwined

In its last leg, the 2024 eclipse will grace some of the most historic areas in the Northeastern United States.

New York: Buffalo and Rochester are important cities with museums, cultural attractions, and good viewing locations for the complete eclipse. For a one-of-a-kind adventure, head into the picturesque Adirondack Mountains for a total eclipse in the woods.

Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine: The eclipse’s path ends in these lovely states famed for their rolling hills and quaint small villages. During your vacation, consider combining your eclipse experience with a visit to a lovely cafe and learning about New England’s history.

Choosing Your Perfect Eclipse Viewing Spot

While the line of totality provides a strip where the eclipse is at its most intense, variables to consider while choosing your optimal spot include:

The weather in April is notoriously unpredictable. Research usual weather trends in the location you’re contemplating, as clean skies are essential! Keep a backup plan and alternate sites in mind.

Crowds: Major cities are likely to be more congested than rural locations. Choose whether you want a lively atmosphere or a quiet, solitary encounter.

Amenities: Consider the availability of lodging, restaurants, petrol stations, and supplies, especially if you’re planning a multi-day excursion.

Important Eclipse Tips

Protect your eyes: Never look directly at the sun without appropriate solar eclipse glasses, especially during a partial eclipse. Only during totality is it safe to observe momentarily with the naked eye.

Plan: Accommodations and special activities along the totality trail will fill up quickly. Book early!

Expect traffic: Roads into and out of eclipse hotspots will get clogged. Allow yourself plenty of travel time.

Enjoy your experience: A total solar eclipse is a breathtaking spectacle. Take the time to appreciate the moment and the unique splendor of this celestial event.


In summary, the 2024 complete solar eclipse provides a unique opportunity for awe-inspiring celestial observation across the United States. From Texas to Maine, towns like San Antonio, Dallas, and New York offer a variety of locations in which to see this spectacular event. Remember to take measures, plan, and enjoy the magnificent spectacle of totality.

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