Illegal Now! Ban On Lab-Grown Meat Welcomed By Northwest Florida Cattle Ranchers

Illegal Now! Ban On Lab-Grown Meat Welcomed By Northwest Florida Cattle Ranchers

Escambia County, Florida — The first state in the US to enact legislation outlawing the sale of meat produced in laboratories is Florida.

Governor Ron DeSantis, who supports Florida’s cattle producers, claims it has no place in the state.

There was some worry that family-run cattle farms may be completely destroyed by lab-grown beef before the governor signed the bill into law.

However, this is no longer the case.

Tucker Padgett remarked, “When you think of America, you think of beef.” “Beef has existed forever. The beef and the farmers and ranchers who bring it to your table are among the most quintessential American experiences.”

Padgett, 16, has been displaying cattle throughout the Southeast since she was 7 years old via 4H, a youth development group.

She dislikes lab-grown meat, which the Good Food Institute refers to as “cultivated meat.” It replaces the need to cultivate and raise animals for food because it is made from animal cells.

“The lab meat could run small farmers and families out of business,” Padgett added. “And I don’t like seeing that.”

Illegal Now! Ban On Lab-Grown Meat Welcomed By Northwest Florida Cattle Ranchers (1)

On May 1, Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law, stating that agriculture is the foundation of the state and essential to its history and culture.

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“We stand with agriculture, we stand with our cattle ranchers, we stand with our farmers,” he stated.

A local cattle farm in Molino, Gizmo Angus is dedicated to raising purebred Angus bulls and offering locally sourced, fresh steak.

Jacob Gilmore expresses his gratitude to the governor for standing up for cattle producers.

“Agriculture is the backbone of this country,” he remarked. “Our food source is the most important thing that we can do as farmers and producers.”

Gilmore was concerned that the surge in lab-grown beef would destroy conventional cattle farms before the governor banned it.

It’s very frightful, he said. “We shouldn’t even be discussing meat that is created in labs. It’s quite concerning.

According to Gilmore, the president and other states ought to take Florida’s example.

“Beef has been here for hundreds of thousands of years,” he claimed. “It’s the cheapest source of protein we can provide our families.”

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