Is It Big Issue Custody Continues For Juvenile Murder Suspect Against Lawyer's Warnings

Is It Big Issue? Custody Continues For Juvenile Murder Suspect Against Lawyer’s Warnings

DEBARYLIFE – The 16-year-old juvenile murder suspect who is presently being held in jail, according to defense attorney Will Howell, “is not a danger.” There is danger for him.

Judge Kendra Briggs of the DC Superior Court heard Howell’s concerns during a hearing on May 17 before deciding that the young person should stay in custody.

On April 4, amid a brawl between two groups at the Brookland Metro Station on the 800 block of Monroe Street, NE, he is suspected of shooting and killing 14-year-old Avion Evans. At the court, the defendant showed up with his attorneys standing behind him, sporting a purple shirt.

The teenage girl is formally accused of two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, endangerment with a firearm, carrying a pistol without a license, possessing an unregistered firearm, and possessing unregistered ammunition. She is also accused of assault with the intent to kill while armed.

Is It Big Issue Custody Continues For Juvenile Murder Suspect Against Lawyer's Warnings (1)

The prosecution said that the shooting was “broad daylight” and that there was a risk to the public, which is why they were against the release.

Howell argued in favor of release, pointing out that the DC Youth Services Center (YSC) has “severe concerns” about conditions due to assault complaints and the presence of the drug fentanyl there.

He also mentioned that a woman’s boyfriend had texted her with information claiming he was the Brookland gunman. Howell emphasized that to “bag” their competitors, numerous additional lads were present at the crime scene. According to Howell, it’s difficult to tell where the gunfire is coming from amid the confusion.

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Howell claimed that if the trial started later than the 45-day statutory limit, it would be delayed on procedural grounds.

Judge Briggs granted the prosecution’s request to postpone the trial until after the autopsy, citing “good cause” for the postponement. She remarked, “We saw that coming.”

The prosecutor, meanwhile, stated that the defense would receive the report, which was obtained yesterday.

The trial was scheduled for July 5 by Judge Briggs, and it is possible that the proceedings could last eight days, culminating around Labor Day.

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