Legal Victory Case Dismissed for Ex-Boise Principal in Child Injury Allegations

Legal Victory: Case Dismissed for Ex-Boise Principal in Child Injury Allegations

DEBARYLIFE – The felony prosecution against former Fairmont Jr. High Principal Christopher Ryan was dropped on Tuesday morning.

Ryan was charged with a felony of injury to a child because he was allegedly negligent in ending an improper interaction between Fairmont Junior High social worker Scott Crandell and younger pupils.

Following an investigation by Boise Police, Crandell committed suicide in 2022. At the time, Ryan served as the principal.

Tuesday was supposed to be the beginning of Ryan’s trial; but, prior to jury selection, Judge Nancy Baskin approved the state’s motion to dismiss the case, nullifying the jury trial.

Before the trial could proceed, the state filed a petition to “dismiss this case with prejudice so that it may never be brought forward again.” Judge Baskin then evaluated the evidence and documents.

Legal Victory Case Dismissed for Ex-Boise Principal in Child Injury Allegations (1)

“It has been a battle for the state to maintain the discovery issues that we fought with from the very beginning,” the state prosecutor added.

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Judge Baskin and the State Attorney both voiced worry that the minor victim would have to retestify regarding the “events” that the minor had encountered, while also acknowledging the vulnerability of the minor victim.

Judge Baskin stated, “It is in the interest of justice that the state filed for this motion to be dismissed.”

Additionally, the judge counseled Mr. Ryan to “exercise good judgment going forward.”

Ryan’s attorney filed multiple moves to dismiss the case in April. To get the case dropped before trial, the defense contested the grand jury procedure.

The families of the victims have continued to name Christopher Ryan as a defendant in three separate lawsuits, accusing him of “failing to investigate and report complaints regarding Scott Crandell’s abuse and potential abuse and grooming of minors, including [their daughter], to law enforcement authorities or the Department of Health and Welfare.”

The new felony charge was first reported by Idaho News 6 in 2023, following the dismissal of a prior misdemeanor prosecution.

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