Misunderstanding Man Says SWAT Raided Property Not Used for Drug Trafficking

Misunderstanding? Man Says SWAT Raided Property Not Used for Drug Trafficking

Memphis, Tennessee — WREG spoke with someone who said that some of the information provided by police was inaccurate as new details regarding Friday’s drug warrant investigation—which resulted in the death of a man and the imprisonment of three others—come to light.

An inquiry was launched after Shelby County deputies shot and killed a suspect who was allegedly driving at them on Friday.

The shooting took place close to Inman Road on Barron Avenue. Sheriff Floyd Bonner reported that at 3:30 p.m., deputies from the sheriff’s office SWAT squad were in the area serving a warrant related to drugs that were considered “high-risk.”

According to court documents, the location of the event serves as the headquarters for a narcotics trafficking business.

The man who was renting the property, nevertheless, refuted that to WREG.

“I’m asserting that they are untrue,” he declared.

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The man told WREG that he was leasing 3119 Barron Avenue, but he did not want to be recognized.

According to court documents, investigators came to the conclusion that several members of a drug trafficking organization use this location as their center of operations.

The individual also asserted that another claim was untrue.

“My grandchildren will be in this area.” Do you believe that I will permit someone to harm my grandchildren? No,” he replied.

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The Sheriff’s Office reports that investigators have observed several unidentified guys exchanging drugs hand-to-hand with cars as they pull into the lot.

According to the individual who is renting the property, people frequently park on his lot while he isn’t around because the building is near a convenience store.

“I don’t know anything about any drugs or that kind of mess,” he remarked. “I don’t work with drugs. I abstain from drug usage.

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He claims he keeps his tools in the building. He even granted WREG a peek inside.

Nevertheless, deputies report that they discovered drugs and multiple high-capacity firearms around the gathering.

The individual replied he did not know of that when questioned about it.

On the day of the search, he told WREG, an unidentified car had pulled into his property.

“I informed them that I had instructed them to stay off my lot. I’ve already instructed you to get off my lot. utterly. ” “I went in there, got what I needed, my shovels and other stuff, and then I resumed work.”

He claimed to have learned that police were carrying out a search warrant hours later.

Four individuals allegedly fled to the back of the structure and through an open fence section as SWAT moved in, according to court documents.

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Near the building’s front, Quentavious Johnson, Willie Hampton, and Christian Mull were taken into custody.

James Hampton, 30, also lost his life as a result of the tragedy.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation claims that after Hampton reportedly drove a fast car toward deputies, they shot and killed him.

The man we spoke with claims he has no knowledge of a drug trafficking enterprise and does not know the men who were arrested.

He claims that his main intention is to use his land for the benefit of the neighborhood.

“I only go inside my building, cook, bring stuff out here, and give stuff away for free out of my pocket. That’s all I do,” he stated. “I labor, pour concrete, and strive to treat people fairly.”

Additionally, the individual informs WREG that he has not been questioned by law enforcement or faced any charges related to the incident.

The TBI is currently looking into the gunshot involving an officer.

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