Mother Claims Nevada Prison Officers Killed Son Through Brutal Assault

Mother Claims Nevada Prison Officers Killed Son Through Brutal Assault

LAS VEGAS – A wrongful death case filed in state court on Thursday states that the mother of a prisoner who passed away says that the inmate was beaten to death by officers and left in a pool of his blood.

On April 15, 2023, Christian Walker, 44, was discovered unconscious in a cell in High Desert State Prison. Annette Walker claims that the death of her son was ignored, that no correctional staff was punished as a consequence of an “unsubstantiated” probe, and that the Clark County coroner’s office conducts “sham investigations” into strange deaths that occur inside Nevada prisons.

Annette stated to 8 News Now on Friday that the goal of the new lawsuit is to obtain answers rather than retaliation.

This is something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. crying every day, as well as hearing tunes and seeing images. For the rest of my life, it simply won’t end,” Annette remarked outside the Regional Justice Center. “All I can say is that it’s all in God’s hands.”

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According to the agency, Walker was initially imprisoned in 1999 and was serving a term ranging from 28 years to life with parole for two counts of using a deadly weapon, attempted murder, and second-degree murder.

According to the lawsuit, “he was found in a prison cell inside the infirmary at High Desert State Prison, naked, beaten up, bloody, and alone.” Approximately 45 minutes drive north of Las Vegas, in the vicinity of Indian Springs, lie Southern Desert Correctional Center and High Desert State Prison.

An attorney general’s office spokeswoman from Nevada informed 8 News Now on Friday that there wasn’t enough evidence for the government to decide not to prosecute “those involved.”

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The complaint makes reference to the finding of witnesses, “whistleblowers,” and photos in addition to an expert opinion that deviates from the coroner’s office’s judgment. Photos of Walker that the investigators had previously discovered revealed injuries, including severe bruises. The complaint contains graphic images of Walker’s body that are too upsetting to be published. These images also feature severe bruises.

Walker passed away from natural causes, according to the Clark County Coroner’s report. The coroner’s report states that hypertensive cardiovascular disease was the cause of his death.

Medical Examiner Stephanie Yagi identified blunt force trauma in the report, however, the injuries were not deemed deadly and did not contribute to the cause of death. The complaint names Yagi as a defendant.

Walker had no prior medical history of cardiac issues, according to James Urrutia, the lawyer who brought the claim on behalf of Walker’s mother.

A forensic pathologist named Dr. Larry Sims disagreed with the coroner’s office findings, concluding that Walker died from traumatic head trauma from an assault that caused brain edema.

In his request, Sims demanded “a complete re-evaluation of the circumstances of death, autopsy and autopsy documentation, medical records, neuropathology consultation report, and evaluation of all tissue slides.”

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