Orlando Volunteers Extend Helping Hand with Monthly Free Groceries and Services

Orlando Volunteers Extend Helping Hand with Monthly Free Groceries and Services

ORLANDO, Florida —

Hundreds of people gathered in the center of Parramore on Saturday for everything from free groceries to clothes and haircuts.

An act of kindness has become a labor of love for a woman in Central Florida.

Reaching the ambitious target of serving 500 individuals will need much teamwork.

Jennifer Hilaire, the executive director and creator of The Desire Foundation, stated, “I wanted to do this, and I put it on social media, and everyone kind of like rallied around me, and they’re like, I want to help.”

The organization was founded by Hilaire because she had a strong desire to help those in need.

As of 2020, there are boots on the ground.

Orlando Volunteers Extend Helping Hand with Monthly Free Groceries and Services (1)

Free food, hot meals, clothing, personal hygiene products, and haircuts are all given away by volunteers in Parramore.

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Everyone is welcome there.

“We have vendors for mental health, housing … everything,” added Hilaire. “I just need to know what your name is and what you would like to get today.”

Even though Hilaire, a native of Haiti, has been working since she was sixteen, she asserted that there is strength in unity.

“Everyone understands the sensation of getting a haircut, so imagine what it’s like to not be able to afford one,” said Orlando’s Clean & Classy Barbershop owner Angel Ortiz.

“It’s simply about helping one another, demonstrating to the community that there is support for not only our organization but also for many other organizations that are making an effort,” said Foodie Catering owner and co-chair of The Desire Foundation.

Nobody misses the support, either.

“Everyone just enjoy themselves and bless themselves and God bless them,” Orlando resident George Glegg said. “It’s very nice to people in the community.”

On Saturdays, the charity runs a food pantry in addition to hosting the monthly community event.

“Everyone deserves to have a better life regardless of what they look like, how much money they make,” Hilaire explained. “I really wanted to make sure that the people that I saw, the people that I cared for, had access to better opportunities to thrive.”

Second Harvest Food Bank, 4Roots, WholeLife Church, and the Hispanic Federation are a few of the foundation’s community partners.

June 22 will see the return of the event to Parramore.

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