CONFIRMED! Pastor's Wife's Cause of Death Self-inflicted Gunshot Wound

CONFIRMED! Pastor’s Wife’s Cause of Death: Self-inflicted Gunshot Wound

The medical examiner has confirmed the cause of death for Mica Miller, a pastor’s wife in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, while an inquiry continues into her death.

Miller died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to Robeson County Medical Examiner Dr. Richard Johnson. Johnson told the station, “Based on the type of the wound, it appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. And it was not in the back of the head, as some have believed.

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office acknowledged the medical examiners’ decisions. Officials stated Sheriff Burnis Wilkins had planned a meeting with Miller’s family and would release more comprehensive material to back up the medical examiner’s conclusions tomorrow evening. Sheriff Wilkins advised the public to wait for the complete timeline of events before “making assumptions and drawing conclusions.”

Miller’s body was reportedly discovered by Robeson County officials on April 27 in Lumber River State Park, about an hour from the Millers’ hometown of Myrtle Beach last weekend. Miller’s husband and pastor of their church, John-Paul, told his congregation that his wife died by suicide and that she had struggled with her mental health for years before the medical examiner’s office released its findings.

The Horry County Sheriff’s Office issued new files on Monday detailing harassment episodes leading up to Miller’s murder, stating that she was “afraid for her life”. According to the records, Miller complained to police that a razor blade had been inserted in her tire. She stated this was the second time a razor had deflated her tire in the same week.

According to the investigation, Miller detected “strange activity” and suspected she was being followed or watched. Miller also told police that the unidentified person had previously targeted her, according to the report.

However, police concluded that there was insufficient evidence to confirm the suspect placed the razor device under the tire. Mica Miller contacted the police again later that morning, this time while on her way to a Honda dealership to get her tire repaired.

According to the report, Mica Miller stopped at a gas station to fill up before driving to the dealership, when the suspect came up alongside her. She reportedly told him to leave, and he rushed away before she could videotape the incident. While standing with the police, Mica Miller received a no-caller ID call, which turned out to be the suspect, according to the report. The suspect was warned that the victim does not want any further communication and that if he continues, warrants may be issued. Police stated that the suspect acknowledged the advice.

Mica Miller then informed the officer that she “was afraid for her life.” She further stated that she had banned the suspect’s phone number and would continue to get calls and texts from him on other numbers.

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Mica Miller contacted police after the officer left, claiming that technicians discovered a tracking device on her vehicle. The Horry County Clerk’s Office in South Carolina previously verified to Fox News Digital that Mica Miller had submitted three “separate support and maintenance” requests since last year, the most recent on April 16. Separate support and maintenance permits one spouse to receive court-ordered assistance from the other without going through the formal divorce process.

Since Miller’s death, which has shattered the Myrtle Beach community, her family and friends have been posting on social media with the hashtag “JusticeforMica.” Her sister urged friends on social media to “not listen to false stories being shared about” Miller.

“Mica was a God-fearing, cheerful, and kind woman who didn’t deserve the abuse she received. “If you hear anything about this from someone other than her family, please question it and contact her siblings or parents,” she said.

Solid Rock Church announced on Monday that Pastor John-Paul Miller was relieved from his ministerial duties for “a time of healing, counsel, and guidance, by our governing instrument.”

The church’s website was also suspended.

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