Potential Twenty-year Sentence for PA Man After Threatening President

Potential Twenty-year Sentence for PA Man After Threatening President

A federal grand jury has indicted a man from Pennsylvania on charges that he used the internet to broadcast multiple videos in which he reportedly threatened to kill the president before he traveled to Pennsylvania in April.

A 37-year-old resident of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, Jordan Gee is charged with interstate communications with a threat and threats against the President, according to the indictment that was announced on Thursday by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. According to documents filed by United States Attorneys, Gee uploaded some recordings before the president visited Scranton, Pennsylvania, on April 16. Throughout the tapes, Gee was seen making some threats, including the following:

The following statements were made by Joe Biden: “I am going to kill you and your entire cabinet,” and “If you come to my city in Scranton, Pennsylvania, I am going to cut your f**king head off in front of everybody; I promise.” Gee is facing a potential sentence of up to twenty years in prison, supervised release, and an unspecified fine if he is found guilty of the threats, which are currently being examined by the United States Secret Service.

Impeachments are nothing more than claims. It is generally accepted that all individuals who have been charged are believed to be innocent until they are found guilty in court.

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