Republican Representative Scott Perry There Is No Support For Nationwide Abortion Ban

Republican Representative Scott Perry: There Is No Support For Nationwide Abortion Ban

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania Fewer than three weeks before the April 23 Primary, Congressman Scott Perry of Midstate was met with a standing ovation at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference.

Six Democratic candidates are running against the Republican for a seventh term in Washington, D.C., and they argued in the ABC27 studio last month.

Perry talked about what he thinks is a Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

“The enemy inside the wire is doing things to you and your family that have never been seen in America before,” Perry told a crowd of more than a hundred Republicans. “The job is to keep this Republic alive.”

Capitol security took away Rep. Boyle’s rights after a shocking video surfaced. His Democratic opponents responded. Below are the statements.

Republican Representative Scott Perry There Is No Support For Nationwide Abortion Ban (1)

Off-stage, Perry was also asked about President Biden’s demand that the Federal Government pay for fixing the Baltimore bridge that fell. Full support, Perry said, would be “inappropriate.”

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As a reminder, Perry said, “The shipping company that hit the bridge is also fully responsible for what happened.” “Their insurance will cover that, so that’s where we should look.” The taxpayer shouldn’t be that person.

Perry also said he agrees with in vitro fertilization and doesn’t think there should be a nationwide abortion ban.

A Massive Statement:

Statements from People Who Are Against Democrats: “Democrats are ready to vote for anyone who can beat Scott Perry.” As a Marine Corps TOPGUN fighter pilot and squadron captain for 20 years, I have the credentials, leadership skills, and business experience to beat him this November and hold him responsible for breaking his oath of office.

Americans know that Donald Trump and his bodyguard Scott Perry’s attempts to divide us, stop us from doing things, and stay out of the way are a threat to our country, our families, and our future. South Central PA voters are ready to choose a real warrior on April 23. They want someone who puts country and community above party and self.

  • – Mike O’Brien

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