Saved By Strangers! Woman Recounts Harrowing Escape From Car Fire on Bay Bridge

Saved By Strangers! Woman Recounts Harrowing Escape From Car Fire on Bay Bridge

San Francisco, California – Lisa Goodman was driving her son across the Bay Bridge to SFO on Tuesday when her car caught fire, which she did not expect. However, 10 minutes after crossing Treasure Island, she found herself seated in a California Highway Patrol car while her own vehicle burned to a crisp.

The fire halted traffic at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, with a firetruck blocking all lanes of the bridge. Goodman says she is relieved she survived and appreciative of the good Samaritans who assisted her during the horrific event. Goodman told KRON4 that her automobile was only three years old and had 17,000 miles when it caught fire. She had gotten it back from the dealership the day before driving her son to the airport and felt good about it.

She stated that she observed smoke while driving but assumed it was coming from another car or truck nearby—until the driver behind her began flashing his lights. Shortly after, a second motorist pulled up beside her and exclaimed that her car was on fire. Goodman’s first thought was to get off the bridge before coming to a stop.

“I inclined to keep driving and get over the bridge so I wouldn’t inconvenience hundreds and maybe thousands of people behind me,” she went on to say. Her son, however, advised her that they needed to stop, and she complied. They left the automobile in the leftmost lane and went away. The driver behind her had also come to a stop, leaving enough room for her to walk backward to safety.

Saved By Strangers! Woman Recounts Harrowing Escape From Car Fire on Bay Bridge

“I can’t believe we survived,” she remarked. “I consider myself fortunate that we were able to avoid harming anyone and remain safe. I am grateful to those who stepped up.” People continued to support Goodman when she was trapped on the road. An Uber driver pulled up beside her and gave her a ride and a CHP officer stopped to assist.

The cop urged her to get in the car and close two lanes of traffic. About 10 minutes after she stepped out of the automobile, it was completely engulfed in flames. “I have to thank him because he did such an ace job,” Goodman remarked of the cop. “He was friendly and patient. He understood exactly what he was doing.

Eventually, a flatbed truck hauled the burning automobile off the road. Goodman’s son missed his trip back to Detroit.

Goodman believes the dealership is responsible for whatever went wrong with the automobile. She stated that in January when having regular service, the dealership informed her that it discovered a tiny leak in the car’s oil pan. After it was remedied, she noticed a rattle in the car and returned it. She assumed everything was fine after that, and there was no warning light on the dashboard, even when the vehicle caught fire.

“I don’t know what the hell they did,” she stated about the dealership.

Goodman refuses to divulge the car’s name and model because she is currently negotiating reimbursement. She stated that she is shocked and is still digesting the situation, but she feels horrible for stopping traffic and is grateful that other vehicles and the CHP officer stepped in to help.

“It could be a lot worse,” she explained.

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