Severe Weather Alert Tornado Watch for Hampton Roads and North Carolina

Severe Weather Alert: Tornado Watch for Hampton Roads and North Carolina

DEBARYLIFE – After sporadic showers made for a soggy Memorial Day in Hampton Roads, more inclement weather is predicted for this evening.

A tornado watch was issued by the Wakefield National Weather Service on Monday afternoon for areas of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and the District of Columbia, valid until 11 p.m. All of Hampton Roads and northeastern North Carolina are under a tornado watch. Fredericksburg and Richmond are two more Virginian cities affected.

The NWS updated at 5:30 p.m. with the probability of a tornado being strongest across Hampton Roads and northeastern North Carolina.

A severe thunderstorm warning was also issued until six o’clock p.m. for areas of Hampton Roads, including Hampton, Newport News, and Poquoson.

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Those under a tornado watch are advised by the NWS to pick a safe spot and get ready to move immediately in the event that a warning is issued. A tornado watch indicates that certain weather conditions may contribute to the creation of a tornado, whereas a tornado warning indicates that a tornado has been observed or is on the verge of occurring.

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It is recommended that during a warning, individuals stay away from windows and take cover in an internal room on the lowest floor of a substantial building.

This evening, isolated thunderstorms are also a possibility.

Hail and strong winds are other potential hazards, according to NWS meteorologist Allison Mitchell.

She stated, “We are looking at potential wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour.” “The majority of hail is probably a quarter-inch in size, but there may be a few isolated instances of ping-pong-sized hail.”

According to Mitchell, Tuesday’s weather in Hampton Roads is predicted to improve.

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