Shocking Incident Ex-Commissioner of Palmetto Bay Shot Outside Home

Shocking Incident: Ex-Commissioner of Palmetto Bay Shot Outside Home

PALMETTO BAY, Florida: David Singer, a former councilman for Palmetto Bay, was shot in the eye by an unknown object, and he believes the police should be doing more.

Singer claimed that on Friday night, while he and his teenage son and his friends were standing in their driveway, he was shot with a water pellet pistol.

“I spun around, and one of the projectiles struck my eye,” he remarked. “Hey, this white car sprayed projectiles, plastic BBs at the house,” said my son to me.

On Tuesday, the singer talked with Bridgette Matter of Local 10 News. She inquired as to whether he believed that what had occurred was connected to a high school practical joke.

Shocking Incident Ex-Commissioner of Palmetto Bay Shot Outside Home (1)

“Not that I’m aware of,” he replied. “You would need to inquire with them. Well, it could be. I’ve been informed of a TikTok challenge.

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Jeremy, the son of Singer, was taken into custody earlier this year after hurling an airhorn at a baseball friend.

A criminal battery accusation was brought against him. Singer believes that more should be done by the police in this instance.

Singer stated, “I’ve always had the moral and ethical obligation to talk to the parents and apologize when my son screws up, whether it’s at school or anything else.” “I have not received any communication from the three children.”

In this instance, no one has been taken into custody by the authorities.

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