Shocking Video White Man Harasses Black Woman on Amtrak Train Until Passengers Step In

Shocking Video: White Man Harasses Black Woman on Amtrak Train Until Passengers Step In

DEBARYLIFE – After being harassed by a white guy on an Amtrak train, a Black lady claims she felt endangered and that no one from the government agency offered any assistance.

On May 12, Nafís White claims she was traveling in business class from Boston to New York City when she was “accosted” by the man seated in front of her as she was making her way back to her seat after using the restroom.

She shared a video of the interaction on her Instagram page the following day.

White claimed he accused her of opening a tray table and shaking his seat, but she refuted the accusation, informing the guy who was not identified that she hadn’t moved the tray table once during the journey.

“My companion questioned him about why he was acting harshly toward us and why he had singled me out. White posted a video of the incident on Instagram with the comment, “The man turned around and violently pushed his seat all the way back in an attempt to hit my legs and invade my space.”

White claimed that the man would not turn around while staring at her and her friend who was sat next to her, so she began filming him for her “protection.”

Shocking Video White Man Harasses Black Woman on Amtrak Train Until Passengers Step In (1)

A white male can be seen in the video holding his palm up in front of her phone and then turning it back to face the camera.

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White responds, “You don’t need to be antagonizing me. You can film me back if you want.” “That’s completely inappropriate, and I’ll keep filming you until you stop.” This is absurd.

However, the man gets up from his seat, stays beside White’s seat, and keeps filming her instead of turning around.

Other travelers intervened and told the man to leave White alone as he edged closer to her. She requested that onlookers get the conductor and dial 911.

“He’s going to act aggressively toward me or something.” White is heard stating, “He needs to get off this train,” in the footage.

“Disregard him,” suggested a traveler. “Please get assistance,” White answered.

White captioned the photo, saying, “I thought he was coming toward me to further frighten me and physically harm me.”

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According to White, a few travelers called Amtrak in an attempt to locate the conductors. Meanwhile, according to White, the man continued to stand close to the exit doors, between the car in which she was seated and the next, “motioning me with his hands to come to him, the kind of motion you see on martial arts films when one person wants to fight another?” I remained seated,” the woman wrote.

White claimed that when a conductor did show there, he just spoke to the man and never addressed her or any of the witnesses. She therefore requested the man’s name and contact details from the same conductor as she was getting off the train. According to White, the conductor informed her that the man had good reason to respond as she was yanking the tray table and rocking her seat—claims that White called “falsehoods.”

The conductor, she claimed, refused to give White the contact information to register a complaint or to elevate her case to his superiors because he trusted the word of the white man above that of the Black woman.

After seeing White’s video on Instagram, around 14,000 users commented on it, criticizing Amtrak for their employees’ lack of assistance and praising White for her composure in the face of the man.

One person said, “Your composure throughout is so impressive.”

“I am so sorry this happened!” said an additional. What a scary period, particularly given the prevalence of concealed carry these days. I’m quite happy that strangers and your friend helped you. The fact that someone defended you gives you hope. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t have been required. Warm regards and affection.

While others demanded that the conductor be fired, White stated that she would prefer more training for the conductor rather than his dismissal.

Regarding the other traveler who she claimed to have harassed her, she said, “The attacker needs to be barred for life.”


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