The 10 Tallest Bridges in the United States

The United States, a land interwoven with vast landscapes, rugged terrains, and serene valleys, is home to an impressive array of infrastructure that helps bind its diverse topography. Among these, bridges stand out as monumental feats of engineering, connecting remote areas and facilitating seamless travel.

While there are countless bridges, some rise above the rest, quite literally, by their staggering heights. This exploration dives into the grandeur of the ten tallest bridges in the United States, marvels of construction that not only serve practical purposes but also offer breathtaking views and fascinating stories.

10. Moyie River Canyon Bridge, Idaho

Perched at a height of 464 feet, the Moyie River Canyon Bridge is an awe-inspiring steel truss cantilever bridge. Built in 1965, it majestically spans the Moyie River, blending seamlessly with the scenic Idaho countryside. Replacing an older 1923 bridge, this structure represents a blend of beauty and utility, providing an essential link while also being an architectural marvel against the Idahoan backdrop.

9. Navajo Bridge, Arizona

The Navajo Bridge, or rather the twin Navajo Bridges, serve as critical crossings over the Colorado River in Coconino County. The older of the two stands at 467 feet, with its counterpart reaching slightly higher at 470 feet. These bridges connect visitors to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, offering a unique vantage point of the vast natural wonder below.

8. Perrine Bridge, Idaho

Soaring over the Snake River at 486 feet, the Perrine Bridge is a beacon of Twin Falls, Idaho. Named after I.B. Perrine, a key founder of the area, this four-lane truss arch bridge is not just a vital transport route; it’s a symbol of the region’s pioneering spirit. The bridge, with its stunning surroundings, has also become a hotspot for BASE jumpers, seeking thrills against the picturesque backdrop of the river and rock faces.

7. Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, New Mexico

Often referred to as the “High Bridge,” the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge stands approximately 600 feet above the Rio Grande. This bridge, located near Taos, is an open invitation to those daring enough to traverse its span, offering unmatched views of the gorge and the river below. Besides its structural grandeur, the bridge serves as a cultural hub, surrounded by local vendors selling a variety of goods.

6. Phil G. McDonald Bridge, West Virginia

The Phil G. McDonald Bridge towers at 700 feet, making it the tallest bridge in the Interstate Highway System. Located in Raleigh County, this bridge spans Glade Creek and was named in honor of a distinguished U.S. Army soldier. The bridge is not just a route over the creek but a monument to American valor and engineering prowess.

5. Glen Canyon Dam Bridge, Arizona

This remarkable structure, standing tall at 700 feet, serves as a crucial link across the Colorado River. The Glen Canyon Dam Bridge, encircled by striking red rock formations, was primarily constructed to facilitate the building of the Glen Canyon Dam. Since its completion in 1959, it has held the title of the highest arch bridge globally, a testament to the ambitious spirit of mid-20th-century engineering.

4. Foresthill Bridge, California

Dominating the landscape at 730 feet, the Foresthill Bridge offers a majestic crossing over the North Fork American River. Located near Auburn in Placer County, this bridge’s imposing height and grandeur have made it a popular site for both films and daredevils. Despite its cinematic fame and stunning views, it’s a poignant reminder of the importance of safety and preservation.

3. New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia

With an impressive height of 876 feet, the New River Gorge Bridge not only offers a rapid crossing of the New River but also stands as an icon of structural beauty and efficiency. Completed in 1977, this bridge drastically reduced travel time for many, becoming a symbol of progress and connectivity in the Appalachian region.

2. Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, Nevada and Arizona

Known colloquially as the Hoover Dam Bypass, this bridge is a marvel at 900 feet above the Colorado River. Spanning between Nevada and Arizona, it offers unprecedented views of the Hoover Dam and surrounding landscapes. The bridge is a tribute to two notable Americans, symbolizing unity, strength, and resilience.

1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Crowning the list at an astonishing 955 feet is the Royal Gorge Bridge. More than just a crossing over the Arkansas River, this bridge is part of an adventure park that draws thrill-seekers from all corners of the globe. The highest suspension bridge in America, it encapsulates the spirit of adventure, innovation, and discovery that defines the United States.

These ten towering structures are not just feats of engineering; they are symbols of the American ethos — a blend of functionality, beauty, and the relentless pursuit of connecting distant points. They remind us of the power of human ingenuity and the continuous drive to overcome natural barriers, connecting not just lands but communities and hearts across the vast American landscape.

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