The New American Migration: Top 10 States Attracting Movers in 2023

The American landscape is constantly evolving, and the patterns of internal migration are a testament to this dynamism. In 2023, certain states stood out as major attractors for movers, reflecting a blend of economic, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Let’s dive into the top 10 states that drew the most residents last year.

  1. Vermont: Leading the pack, Vermont saw over 65% of its moves being inbound. Known for its scenic beauty and outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, the state also offers a relatively low cost of living. Vermont’s focus on social and environmental issues and a crime rate significantly lower than the national average make it an appealing choice.
  2. Washington, D.C.: The nation’s capital, with a 62.25% inbound move rate, is more than just a political hub. It offers diverse job opportunities in government, technology, construction, and hospitality. The city draws a young, ambitious crowd, with a significant portion of movers being under the age of 45 and reporting high household incomes.
  3. South Carolina: With a 60.15% inbound rate, South Carolina is a favored destination for retirees, drawn to its world-famous beaches and golf courses. The state’s strong economy and lower cost of living also attract people seeking new job opportunities and a change in lifestyle.
  4. Arkansas: The Diamond State experienced a 60.16% inbound move rate. Known for its affordability, Arkansas hosts several Fortune 500 companies, offering stable job opportunities. Its appeal is also enhanced by the plethora of state parks, moderate climate, and outdoor recreational activities.
  5. Rhode Island: This state has emerged as a popular destination, although specific statistics for 2023 are not readily available. Rhode Island’s rich history, coastal charm, and vibrant cultural scene likely contribute to its growing appeal.
  6. North Carolina: North Carolina led the nation with the highest in-to-out ratio of 1.74, according to MoveBuddha. The state is known for its diverse landscapes, from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic coast, and vibrant cities like Asheville and Charlotte.
  7. South Dakota: South Dakota, with its natural beauty and historic landmarks, continues to draw people looking for a serene lifestyle. It’s known for its low cost of living and outdoor recreational opportunities.
  8. Alabama: Alabama’s blend of rich cultural heritage, growing job market, and affordable living makes it an attractive option for movers. The state is also known for its warm climate and southern hospitality.
  9. New Mexico: New Mexico, with its unique blend of cultural influences and stunning landscapes, has become an increasingly popular destination. Its arts scene, particularly in cities like Santa Fe, and outdoor adventures in places like Taos, are significant draws.
  10. West Virginia: West Virginia’s natural beauty, including its renowned Appalachian Mountains, rivers, and forests, makes it a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The state’s focus on preserving its natural and cultural heritage is likely a key factor in its appeal.

The migration trends in 2023 reflect a growing preference for states offering a balance of economic opportunity, affordable living, and access to nature and recreational activities. This shift indicates a changing American lifestyle, prioritizing quality of life, family proximity, and natural beauty.

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