Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes Evades Inquiry on Profitability of Truth Social, What True Is!

Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes Evades Inquiry on Profitability of Truth Social, What True Is!

DEBARYLIFE – When Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes when he thought social media site Truth Social would start turning a profit, Nunes didn’t precisely respond.

During Trump Media’s recent stock market meltdown, Nunes, a former Republican congressman from California, spoke with Bartiromo on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures.

“I was examining the loss and the submission to the Securities and Exchange Commission. When do you think this business will start making money? Bartiromo enquired.

“Look, Maria, keep in mind that those figures are based on the longest initial public offering (IPO) ever. Therefore, we were overregulated,” Nunes continued.

Therefore, if you truly consider the cost at which we established Truth Social—our formidable beachhead against large tech, which defied everyone’s assumption that it could only be achieved by working with these firms—you will see that it was constructed for a small portion of what many of these dinosaur big tech organizations were intended to cost.

Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes Evades Inquiry on Profitability of Truth Social, What True Is! (1)

Thus, even accounting for the absurd expense it has taken us to reach this stage, our position remains sound. Why do we have a good position? So we don’t owe anyone anything. We’re leaving this with no debt, a communication platform that reaches millions of people and operates flawlessly, and $200 million in the bank.

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We’re looking at the entire ecology as you proceed here. What steps must we take to ensure that individuals in the US and around the world are shielded from these huge tech rulers who wish to silence their critics?

We are thus examining the entire ecology. All of those concerns are what we’re concentrating on, including making sure that we have a three-year plan in place so that we can launch this business and become independent of large tech companies. This includes developing technology as well as acquiring it. We truly are the only organization in the area capable of achieving this; no other company has ever been like this.

“We believe we’ve added over 200,000 new retail investors,” Nunes continued. There isn’t another business that has retail investors like this, in my opinion.

Watch the Fox Business Network video above.

When Will Truth Social “Turn Profitable?” Fox’s Maria Bartiromo asks, Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes waffles. initially showed up on Mediaite.

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