Ukraine on Path to NATO Membership, Declares Blinken

Ukraine on Path to NATO Membership, Declares Blinken

Debarylife – The United States remains committed to Ukraine’s ultimate membership in NATO, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, but he refrained from making hard promises before the alliance’s yearly summit in July in Washington.

“Ukraine is going to join NATO.” “We are here at the summit to assist in creating a bridge to that membership,” Blinken said to reporters in Brussels on Thursday.

At the 2023 summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, NATO allies decided that Ukraine could join the alliance once certain requirements were satisfied.

Ukraine on Path to NATO Membership, Declares Blinken (1)

However, this agreement drew criticism from Baltic allies and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for neglecting to establish specific objectives and a deadline for Kyiv’s entry into the alliance.

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In preparation for NATO’s 75th anniversary conference in Washington, advocates of Ukraine are devising strategies to show strong worldwide support for Kyiv.

The deliverables are significant in light of worries about the United States’ diminishing support for Ukraine.

House Republicans are resisting further American aid and fear that the United States will back away from its obligations to friends and allies if former President Trump is reelected to the White House.

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