Big Voices Panic! 911 Calls Reveal Turmoil Inside Florida's Cabana Live During Shooting

Big Voices Panic! 911 Calls Reveal Turmoil Inside Florida’s Cabana Live During Shooting

Orlando, Florida – The 911 calls about the weekend shooting inside Sanford’s “Cabana Live” venue have been made public by the authorities.

Ten individuals were hurt in the event, which happened when an adolescent allegedly fired several rounds at a gathering by the pool.

One caller told a 911 operator, “Someone started fighting and then started shooting, and I don’t know how many people are hit, but right now I’m with one.”

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office released footage on Monday that showed a group of about 200 people running away in terror after shots were fired at the venue on Sunday morning during a private event. Witnesses described the chaos as individuals fled in all directions.

A caller stated that one individual had been shot in the shoulder, and another had been hurt in the leg.

“We remain a couple. She is hobbling. We’re merely attempting to move aside,” the caller stated. “A security guard is bandaging her leg. Regarding the others, I’m not sure.”

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Christopher Bouie, 16, is the alleged gunman who is suspected of starting a skirmish by firing a gun. There appears to be video evidence of a second person firing back.

Nathaniel Jasper “Tank” Dell Jr., a wide receiver for the Houston Texans who attended Mainland High School and is from Daytona Beach, is one of the victims. Nine more people were shot in addition to Dell. Investigators added that by quickly apprehending Bouie following the gunfire, a private security officer prevented other casualties.

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“The altercation happened and it happened so fast, but the guy next to me, he just moved so quick on it, it just made everything simple,” Anthony Stewart, a witness, said. “The staff there were excellent; they moved fast and didn’t waste any time.”

Cabana Live was not in possession of the required permits for Sunday’s “Nobody Leaves Sober” party, according to Seminole County officials.

Jay Zembower, head of the Seminole County Commission, stated, “From the county’s perspective, they were in total violation of our Land Development Code, Section 30, which requires a special event permit.”

“Our fire marshal needs to know how those people are going to be protected from hazards; law enforcement people need to know how many people are going to be there and what kind of detail they may need to have in the area.”

Zembower commended the alert security officer for stopping the teenager.

“We know that security likely prevented a worse situation, but it begs the question of how the firearm got in if security was actually doing all the things they were supposed to be doing.”

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While the State Attorney’s Office considers whether to charge Bouie as an adult, he is currently being held at the Seminole County Juvenile Detention Center.

He is charged with multiple felonies, including attempted murder, juvenile possession of a handgun, using and displaying a firearm while committing a crime, and shooting a weapon on public property. He is due in court on May 13 at 8:30 a.m. in Seminole County for an arraignment.

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