Deputies Spot, Arrest Central Florida Homicide Suspect Wanted for Multiple Shootings

Central Florida Deputies Capture Homicide Suspect Linked to Multiple Shootings

In a dramatic turn of events, law enforcement officers from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office apprehended a homicide suspect wanted in connection with multiple fatal shootings in Orange County. The arrest unfolded smoothly at a gas station in DeBary, where 48-year-old Leandro Correa was taken into custody without resistance. The incident occurred at the Circle K located at Dirksen Drive and Charles R. Beall Blvd in Volusia County.

According to reports, Correa, a Central Florida resident, was promptly transferred to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office custody. He faces charges of first-degree murder with a firearm, as confirmed by local law enforcement authorities.

This arrest marks a significant development in the ongoing investigation into the series of fatal shootings in Orange County, underscoring the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies across Central Florida. Correa’s capture without incident highlights the effective coordination and vigilance of officers in ensuring public safety and bringing suspects to justice.

The Volusia Sheriff’s Office played a pivotal role in apprehending Correa after identifying his vehicle at the gas station, swiftly moving to secure him. Details surrounding the motive behind the shootings and further specifics about the ongoing investigation have yet to be disclosed by authorities.

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This latest development serves as a testament to the dedication and relentless pursuit of justice by law enforcement agencies in apprehending individuals involved in serious crimes. As the case progresses, more information is expected to emerge regarding the circumstances leading up to Correa’s arrest and the charges he faces in Orange County.

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