Restaurant Woes in Florida: Rodent-Chewed Pasta and 35 Cockroaches Found on Counter

Restaurant Woes in Florida: Rodent-Chewed Pasta and 35 Cockroaches Found on Counter

Several restaurants across South Florida have recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons, finding themselves on the dreaded Sick and Shut Down List due to serious health violations. From Miami to Palm Beach, these establishments have faced temporary closures after health inspectors discovered alarming conditions.

In Miami, China Town was caught with a disturbing scene that included a dead rodent under a kitchen table and live roaches infesting various parts of the kitchen. Inspectors found 11 dead roaches under prep tables, alongside unsanitary practices such as storing food on the floor and using a soiled can opener. Despite these egregious violations, the restaurant managed to rectify the issues quickly enough to reopen after a subsequent inspection.

Similarly, Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders in Coral Springs faced closure when inspectors spotted 10 live roaches near a mop sink. They were temporarily shut down but resumed operations promptly after addressing the sanitation concerns.

Panda Express on Congress Avenue in Palm Beach Gardens was also temporarily closed due to a significant presence of live roaches and flies around the food service areas. Despite the unsanitary conditions initially found, the restaurant reopened following re-inspection.

In Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Wings encountered its own set of health violations, including rodent droppings found on food items like Oreos and Twinkies, as well as widespread fly infestations. Despite multiple closure attempts, the restaurant eventually reopened after ensuring compliance with health standards.

Lastly, Wingstop in Miami faced closure after inspectors discovered mold inside the ice machine and roaches under the front counter. They too managed to resolve the issues and resumed operations after subsequent inspections.

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This recent series of closures underscores the importance of diligent health inspections and transparency in dining experiences. For diners in South Florida, it serves as a reminder to check restaurant inspection reports and exercise caution when dining out. Vigilance in food safety remains paramount to ensuring a positive dining experience and safeguarding public health.

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