Food Experts Say Cincinnati National List Ranks Among Worst Cities for Pizza Lovers

Food Experts Say Cincinnati National List Ranks Among Worst Cities for Pizza Lovers

Who in America makes the best pizza? Could you imagine Birmingham, AL, Hartford, CT, and Buffalo, NY?

According to Clever Real Estate’s annual rankings, those are the outcomes.

Most people consider Chicago or New York City to have the best pizza. But a new poll reveals the surprising entrants for the title of America’s greatest pizza city.

Three cities—Buffalo, NY, Hartford, CT, and Birmingham, AL—are known for their low costs, fervent pizza enthusiasts, profusion of pizzerias, and consistently good restaurant ratings. These cities demonstrate that a decent, reasonably priced pizza is a worldwide favorite, even in the face of disagreements over unusual toppings like pineapple or honey.

Top Pizza Cities

The city with the highest Yelp restaurant ratings is Denver, Colorado. With a large cheese pizza costing $16.79, or around 15% cheaper than the national average, the city touts greater pie affordability.

The remaining five cities are Buffalo, NY; Boston, MA; Philadelphia, PA; and San Diego, CA.

San Francisco is rising to the top; the city comes in sixth, along with its pizza aficionados. San Francisco was ranked No. 15 only the previous year. Fans of traditional pizza toppings shouldn’t get too enthusiastic because vegetarian pies are preferred by many San Franciscans.

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Travel blogger Elise Armitage of talks about Tony’s Pizza, her go-to pizza in San Francisco. “Tony’s is a well-known restaurant in North Beach, and their Neapolitan pizza is delicious. Even their ingredients are imported from Naples!

Washington, D.C., which was ranked No. 24 last year, shot up to the eighth position this year. The capital of the country has excellent pizza at reasonable prices; a large pie typically costs about $19.10.

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Detroit, which ranked first for pizza the past two years, is now ranked ninth this year. Despite the popularity of Detroit-style pies, evidence indicates that current problems with quality control have an impact on scores. Still, there are lots of places in the city to grab a decent pie.

“Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit is the best—they created the Detroit-style pizza, and nothing is better than that crispy crust and gooey cheese,” says travel writer Ashley Pichea of

Cities With The Highest Prices for Large Pizzas

Despite the high quality of the meal, inflated pie costs drive away customers. In the nation, a big pie typically costs $19.34, while a large pepperoni costs roughly $22.22.

Pizza is more expensive in New York than in any other American city, despite the fact that a traditional New York slice is a local staple. In the Big Apple, a basic cheese costs about $28.60. Chicago comes in right behind, costing $27.66. Orlando comes in third place with $25.35 as the average price.

Fast food establishments continue to be the most affordable dining options, in part because of their value menus that slash costs.

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However, in certain cities, it’s more economical to purchase a family pizza. Richmond, Virginia has the lowest cost of a large pizza at $14.75. Cleveland, at a price of $15.64, takes second place. Pittsburgh, PA comes in third place with an average pizza cost of $15.90.

When it comes to battling high pie prices, city people can save a lot of money by using their imagination.

Despite rising food prices across the country, the well-known in-store concession stand at warehouse company Costco remains reasonably priced. The enormous pizza from the bulk supermarket is not only two inches bigger than the typical pie, but it also costs just $9.95 for food court patrons who choose a cheese or pepperoni pie.

If customers choose frozen pizzas, they can save money without reducing their slices. Consumer Reports rates popular frozen pizzas like Red Baron Classic Crust Four Cheese Pizza, Amy’s Cheese Pizza, and Screamin’ Sicilian Bessie’s Revenge Cheese Pizza highly and all cost less than $10 in most stores, but shoppers in the freezer aisle run the risk of purchasing subpar pies.

Cities with the Worst Pizza

Not all is well for the starving customers in the cities with the lowest rankings. It will be difficult for the ravenous citizens of these cities to enjoy their slices. The worst cities for pizza are Memphis, Tennessee, San Antonio, Texas, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Charlotte, North Carolina, and Cincinnati, Ohio, complete the top five.

It’s not like the pizza in these cities is of poor quality. Many of the locals would rather eat different things. For instance, Memphis is a BBQ mecca. With only 3.5 pizza establishments per 100,000 residents, the town’s desire for pizza is far lower than the national average.

Pizza Preferences

Customers’ opinions on pizza differ a lot. Sixty-seven percent of pizza lovers believe a piece is a suitable meal for breakfast. Just 63% of pizza lovers say they like their leftovers warmed, while 27% say they never use the microwave.

Just 21% of respondents believe that honey belongs on a pizza, while the majority of individuals (55%) disagree that pineapple belongs on one. Most people (65%) like their pie with ranch dressing.

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