Heartbreak in Covington! Ex-husband MURDERS Cindi Jordan, THEN TAKES OWN LIFE

Heartbreak in Covington! Ex-husband MURDERS Cindi Jordan, THEN TAKES OWN LIFE

A murder-suicide that occurred over the weekend in northern Covington County resulted in the deaths of two people.

On Sunday, May 26, deputies from Covington County, along with officers from Andalusia and Gantt, hurried to a residence located on Stillman Road after receiving a phone from a woman named Cindi Jordan who explained that she was “in great distress.” A short time after the call was placed, there was no longer any contact with Jordan.

Deputy Sheriff Blake Turman stated that when deputies arrived at the site, they discovered Jordan had already passed away.

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Turman stated in a news statement that Jordan’s ex-husband, Robert Ribarin Sr., had murdered her after breaking into her home and then took his own life.

The marriage between Ribarin Sr. and Jordan was reportedly consummated in the latter half of 2015. After stating that they had grown apart, Jordan filed for divorce, alleging that this was the cause of the marriage’s decline. Around the middle of February, the divorce was formalized.

“This was a tragic event and certainly not something that should have happened,” said Sheriff Turman. Please remember to keep our residents who are struggling with this loss in your thoughts and prayers, and my sincere gratitude goes out to all of the first responders who assisted.

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