Alabama Man Indicted for 2023 QUADRUPLE MURDER of Family and Friend

Alabama Man Indicted for 2023 QUADRUPLE MURDER of Family and Friend

A man charges four counts of capital murder in connection with the deaths of his grandparents, his brother, and a family friend in the year 2023. The indictment was handed down by a grand jury in the state of Alabama.

Jared Tarant Smith-Bracy, 22, from Bay Minette was indicted for the alleged offenses on Friday by a grand jury in Mobile County, according to

They were discovered on February 23, 2023, in the backyard of his grandparents’ home in Daphne. According to the police, Smith-Bracy was responsible for the deaths of his grandmother, Barbara Smith, who was 72 years old; his brother, Jeremy Smith, who was 27 years old; and Sheila Glover, who was 71 years old.

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According to WPMI-TV, he was also suspected of using a pickaxe to kill his grandfather, Lenard Smith, who was 80 years old, inside a bedroom in the house. This was a charge that was brought against him by the police.

He entered a plea of not guilty due to a mental disability during his arraignment in February of 2023. Court documents indicate that an evaluation of the individual’s mental state was ordered in February of this year.

No explanation has been provided for the killings that have taken place. For reportedly destroying a door at the family’s residence, which caused someone to notify the police, Smith-Bracy was arrested earlier on the day of the killings and charged with criminal mischief. This occurred on the same day that the killings took place.

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On the day that he was released from jail on bond, the police stated that a friend brought him back to the residence, and he used the gun that was in the driver’s possession to kill three of his victims. He contacted 911 after hearing gunshots, according to the police, and then proceeded straight to a police station. The driver’s name has not been made public at this time.

Smith-Bracy will continue to be held without bond as the case moves forward, as a result of the formal indictment that was announced. In the event that he is ultimately found guilty, he would be one of the candidates for the death penalty.

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