John Morgan Calls Out Corporate Opposition While Pushing for Marijuana Legalization

John Morgan Calls Out Corporate Opposition While Pushing for Marijuana Legalization

Legalizer John Morgan supported a ballot campaign to legalize marijuana for recreational use by adults, pointing out that it may update out-of-date marijuana regulations, lessen the need for opioids, and bring in a sizable amount of tax money.

Attorney John Morgan supported Amendment 3, which would allow adult use of cannabis recreationally, at a press conference on Wednesday.

Speaking from his Morgan & Morgan Law offices, Morgan characterized the amendment as a vital reform aimed at addressing the antiquated and unfair marijuana regulations in his opinion.

“I think — and I am aware — that marijuana laws in the US have been the most harsh, unfair, and unjust laws, and a great number of people have been imprisoned,” Morgan stated. “With time, we all realize it’s crazy.”

Adults 21 years of age and up would be able to purchase, possess, and consume up to three ounces of marijuana under Amendment 3.

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Morgan called for the expungement of records for anyone found guilty of marijuana-related charges, highlighting the amendment’s potential to lessen dependency on opioids and other prescribed medicines.

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“Every single person who has ever been arrested for marijuana would be pardoned if I were this state’s governor. “I would erase all of their records,” he said.

Morgan highlighted the social and economic advantages of legalization. He is well-known for his contributions to the 2016 medical marijuana referendum that resulted in the state of Florida authorizing its usage. Later on, he attacked the Republican Party and Governor Ron DeSantis for his stated opposition, saying that it was based on corporate interests.

“Pay attention to the money. Always go with the flow of money. Because he is against this, Ron DeSantis is not against this, according to Morgan. He opposes this because he believes marijuana poses a legal threat to the pharmaceutical industry’s operations. Marijuana poses a legal obstacle to the booze industry’s operations. The pharmaceutical business, I can assure you, does not want that. They would rather give us opiates.

Morgan also responded to DeSantis’s assertions that legalization will result in a strong marijuana smell in public areas.

Morgan blasted the claim that regulated sales cause problems with public consumption, calling it a “f***ing lie.”

Trulieve, a cannabis store, has given over $50 million toward the amendment as of March 31. According to state analysts, if approved, the measure may bring in between $195.6 million and $431.3 million in sales tax revenue year. State economists predict an additional $43.6 million in revenue annually when they account for new tourists brought to the state by legalized marijuana.

Notably, Morgan declared that he would not provide money to the campaign.

This month in Orlando, during the party’s Executive Board meeting, the Republican Party of Florida formally declared its opposition to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

To pass, the amendment needs 60% of voters’ support.

Strong support appears to exist for the amendment’s ratification, according to a November University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab study, with 67 percent of respondents favoring the purchase and possession of small amounts.

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