Kentucky Woman's $90K Scratch-Off Win Leads to Job Resignation

Kentucky Woman’s $90K Scratch-Off Win Leads to Job Resignation

Debarylife – Hopkinsville, Kentucky, reports A woman in Hopkinsville won a lot of money by scratching off tickets.

According to the Kentucky Lottery, Reshawn Toliver was at Skyline Fuel in Hopkinsville at the beginning of March. She left after buying five $5 Wild Cash Multiplier Scratch-off tickets.

She told the lottery that she started scratching and found three “7” symbols on her second game, which meant she won, while her son and boyfriend were resting.

“I thought it would be another $5 win,” Toliver said. “That made me so mad that I even rolled my eyes.”

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Toliver won the $90,000 top prize in the game by scratching. It was a scream! “That’s the loudest I’ve ever yelled,” she said.

The son and boyfriend of Toliver didn’t know what was going on.

“They were wondering, ‘What’s going on?'” “Are you okay?” she asked the prize workers.

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“Calm down, please.” “I thought I was lost for a second,” she said. It’s like, “Take a deep breath, and then stop laughing.” The scream keeps playing in my head.”

An individual from Christian County drove to the lottery offices on March 4 and returned with a check for $64,800.

Officials were told by Toliver that she had been wanting to quit her job and find something else and that winning the lottery made that possible.

For Toliver, “God made a way” because he was unhappy with his job. “Leaving made me sad, but I’m glad I can quit my job.”

Skyline Fuel will get $900 from the Kentucky Lottery for selling the winning ticket �.

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