MPD Conducts Felony Drug and Weapons Arrest at Lamar Avenue's Economy Hotel

MPD Conducts Felony Drug and Weapons Arrest at Lamar Avenue’s Economy Hotel

DEBARYLIFE – Search warrants were executed at 3896 Lamar Avenue by MPD’s Organized Crime Unit and Mt. Moriah Task Force officers, who also made 12 arrests.

Memphis, Tennessee Following information concerning drug sales at the Economy Hotel received on March 5, 2024, the Organized Crime Unit of the Memphis Police Department opened an investigation.

According to MPD, investigators were able to secure search warrants for three rooms at the motel at 3896 Lamar Avenue, namely rooms #215, 217, and 231, based on reasonable suspicion.

Officers from the Mt. Moriah Task Force and the MPD’s Organized Crime Unit carried out search warrant executions at the Economy Inn, located at 3896 Lamar Avenue, at approximately 1 p.m. on April 25, 2024, according to an affidavit from the Shelby County Sheriff-Office.

MPD Conducts Felony Drug and Weapons Arrest at Lamar Avenue's Economy Hotel (1)

Drugs, weapons that were not secured, and multiple duffle bags were discovered there by detectives. Investigators using search warrants, according to MPD, found and took the following:

604.4 grams of cannabis

One kilogram of cocaine powder

Cocaine Crack—8.5

Grams of methamphetamine (35.1)

Fentanyl (20 grams)

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172 Pills of Ecstasy

133 tablets of oxycodone

Alprazolam-29 Tablets

It was also alleged that in addition to $5,323, 21 firearms were seized, two of which were reported stolen.

Three suspects were placed under arrest, based on the affidavit. Although the warrant was intended for Dewayne Dukes, Morgan Matheson, and Dylisha Lovelady were also discovered within the motel.

Lovelady is charged with 40 drug-related offenses, compared to 53 accusations against Dukes and Matheson personally.

Every one of them has a Monday court appearance planned.

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