Publix Offers Florida Car Registration Renewal Services – Did You Know

Publix Offers Florida ‘CAR’ Registration Renewal Services – Did You Know?

Seminole County, Florida – You may renew your car’s registration while you’re out buying groceries, did you know that?

All Floridians may now renew their tags in a matter of minutes without ever having to step foot inside the DMV or tax collector’s office thanks to kiosks installed by the Seminole County Tax Collector inside two Publix supermarkets in the area.

J.R. Kroll, the Seminole County Tax Collector, told FOX 35, “I think this is great for people that can’t have regular hours to come.” It will be challenging to get in if they are working from 9 to 5, as we are open from 8:30 to 5.

On the other hand, they can now stop by there. Hey, you can just stop by local Publix at 7 p.m. on a Saturday night to pick it up if you have to make a last-minute decision and you don’t want to be driving around with an expired tag.”

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The two Publix supermarkets in Seminole County that have the Florida MV Express self-service kiosk are as follows:

All you need to bring is your PIN from the registration renewal letter or the following:

On the same day, three winning Florida Lottery tickets totaling $157K are sold at three separate Publix locations.

The kiosk will immediately print your license plate decal when you make a debit or credit card payment. It only takes a few minutes to complete the process.

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However, not everybody is able to utilize the Florida MV Express. The Seminole County Tax Collector has listed the following qualifying requirements:

It cannot be necessary to get a new license plate in order to register a vehicle.
Insurance, driver’s license, or toll suspensions cannot be associated with a registered vehicle.

The Florida Certificate of Insurance for IRS Heavy Vehicle Use Tax 2290 is not required for vehicle registration. This Florida city is attempting to solve a mystery surrounding roosters.

The following, according to county officials, are likewise not qualified to renew at the self-serve kiosk:

-Automobiles that operate autonomously
-State-owned automobiles
-Registration for IRPs
-Trailer homes
-License plates from the National Guard.
-Plates with personalization
-Parking signs or permits

And no, using these kiosks is not restricted to residents of Seminole County. Every person in Florida has access to them.

Additionally, you can renew your tags at the DMV or local tax collector’s office, as well as online at the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website.

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