Puerto Rican Man Admits Using Rifle in Fatal Miami-Dade Crash

Puerto Rican Man Admits Using Rifle in Fatal Miami-Dade Crash

Miami-Dade County, Florida: Sunday morning in the northwest part of Miami-Dade County, there was a fatal shooting, an argument, and a two-vehicle crash in a parking lot. Investigators claimed that in the center of it all was a young Puerto Rican male carrying a rifle chambered in.223 caliber.

They recognized him as Orly Yeriel Cintron-Nieves, who on Sunday, close to Brownsville, departed the area of Northwest 32 Avenue and 35 Street in a silver 2018 Toyota Camry—but not for long. Junior A. Meraz Martinez was eventually revealed to be the victim by sources with knowledge of the case. In age, he was 26.

A police dog tracks down a murder suspect who is running away.

After being shot at a gun range by another police officer, a Pinecrest officer is healing. 18.3K Video Player is loading.

After being shot at a gun range by another police officer, a Pinecrest officer is recuperating. Pinecrest officer, who was inadvertently shot by a colleague, is currently hospitalized. After a guy was found shot to death inside a Miami-Dade business, the investigation is still ongoing.

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Following a gunshot wound to the arm, a police officer was airlifted. Nine shots are fired in Doral due to an unresolved disagreement, two of which are fatal. Authorities in Central Florida discover a body they think belongs to a missing Homestead woman.

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The Toyota Camry was discovered by police parked in a driveway near Southwest 138 Place, south of 158 Terrace in Richmond West, after a witness captured it on camera, according to an arrest report made public on Monday.

Detectives claim that Cintron-Nieves, who turned 23 in November, fled when he saw police officers, but that he was eventually apprehended after being bitten by a police dog. He suffered from injuries. He was taken to Jackson Memorial South Medical Center by Miami-Dade fire rescue workers.

After being released from the hospital, Citron-Nieves was questioned by Miami-Dade detectives at their homicide office in Doral. During this interview, he admitted to shooting Meraz Martinez many times with a rifle.

Following the incident, Miami-Dade police officers encircled a white truck that was wrapped in a black tarp in the vicinity of Brownsville. Meraz Martinez was seen by witnesses watching the Toyota Camry collide with the 2020 Dodge Durango in the parking lot as he was visiting the neighboring Cleopatra Cafe with pals.

Detectives claim that when a fight broke out between two groups in the parking lot, Richard Susana pulled out a rifle and fired a warning shot, starting a fistfight. Cintron-Nieves then allegedly stole the firearm away from Susana and shot Meraz Martinez.

Meraz Martinez was declared dead over an hour after the shooting on Sunday by medical professionals after fire and rescue officials took him to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center. A statement was made available on Monday morning by Miami-Dade Police Department spokesman Detective Andre D. Martin.

Martin stated, “Unfortunately, the victim passed away from the gunshot wounds,” declining to provide his identity.

Records indicate. Cintron-Nieves was booked by Miami-Dade correctional officials at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Monday just after 5:40 a.m. There were two cases in which he was charged.

Cintron-Nieves was released on a felony bond after he was charged with second-degree murder with a weapon. The warrant case includes three counts of violently resisting an officer, three counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, and three counts of peacefully resisting arrest.

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