Update! Fourth Person Killed in Baltimore Bridge Incident Found

Update! Fourth Person Killed in Baltimore Bridge Incident Found

DEBARYLIFE – Authorities declared on Monday that they had retrieved the body of a fourth individual who perished in the collapse of the Baltimore bridge last month.

The Key Bridge Response Unified Command released a statement confirming that authorities had located the corpse of one of the victims of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse on Sunday. The victim’s identity was withheld from the statement per the family’s request.

The Maryland Department of State Police superintendent, Col. Roland L. Butler Jr., issued a statement saying, “As we mourn the lives lost and continue the recovery operation, we recognize each missing individual is someone’s beloved friend or family member.”

“We commit to using every resource at our disposal to fully implement all of our allied law enforcement partners’ technical and physical training.”

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After finding what they thought to be one of the construction vehicles missing from the bridge, salvage personnel at the scene informed the Maryland State Police. According to the statement, a deceased victim was later “located inside the vehicle” by the Maryland Transportation Authority Police, the FBI, and the Maryland State Police.

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Officials informed the victim’s relatives on Monday, according to the Key Bridge Response Unified Command.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed as a result of a shipping ship called the Dali colliding with it late last month while leaving Baltimore Harbor on its way to Sri Lanka and losing power.

That evening, six out of the eight construction workers on the bridge perished in the fall. Since then, the Coast Guard has initiated efforts to retrieve the victims’ corpses.

According to The Washington Post and The Associated Press, who cited people with knowledge of the situation, the FBI has reportedly launched an inquiry into the event. The Hill was informed on Monday by the FBI that agents were on board the cargo ship.

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