Rachael Rollins’ Controversial Spending A Look Into Taxpayer-funded Transactions

Rachael Rollins’ Controversial Spending: A Look Into Taxpayer-funded Transactions

According to a recent inquiry, Rachael Rollins, the former Biden-nominated US Attorney of Massachusetts who resigned in disgrace due to ethics issues, may have also violated district attorney spending rules while using a taxpayer-funded credit card.

Rollins resigned as US Attorney last year following a lengthy DOJ ethics investigation regarding her presence at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser with first lady Jill Biden. Before being nominated by President Biden, Rollins served as district attorney for Suffolk County, which encompasses Boston, from 2019 to 2022.

In a new study, The Boston Herald utilized public records requests to investigate the former top Democratic official’s spending on her taxpayer-funded credit card while she was the District Attorney for the Boston area. Their inquiry revealed that she spent “lavishly” on meals at “fancy restaurants” using the government-issued card during her employment, in “what appears to be a blatant violation of state guidelines.”

“In one week in June of 2021, she spent $115.23 at the Atlantic Fish Company in the Back Bay, $156.54 at Davio’s in the North End, and $195.82 at the Salty Dog in Faneuil Hall, where oysters are ‘shucked to order,'” according to the Herald’s story.

Credit card receipts allegedly show Rollins spending $128.79 at Sonsie on Newbury Street and $93.58 at the Barcelona Wine Bar on Tremont Street.

Later that year, Rollins reportedly used the taxpayer credit card to pay for a vacation to New York City. She spent more over $200 dining at the Merchants River House, which overlooks the Statue of Liberty. According to the article, she spent more over $400 on her vacation, including hotel bills and Uber rides.

During another trip to New York City, Rollins reportedly spent $423.84 on the same card at an Italian restaurant.

Rollins also spent $666 at The Sole Proprietor, a seafood restaurant in Worcester, during the course of a week in late 2021, according to the report. Despite her estimated salary of nearly $190,000 as DA, she apparently used the card to pay for fast food, coffee, and meal delivery in small amounts. These expenditures appear to breach restrictions for the state-issued credit card, known as a “P-card.”

According to the state Comptroller’s Office website, P-cards cannot be used to pay for meals, snacks, coffee, or alcohol.

Rollins did not respond to requests for comment on the report from the Herald or Fox News Digital.

Republicans chastised Rollins as Suffolk County District Attorney for failing to prosecute minor offenses like shoplifting, trespassing, and drug possession.

She was praised by leftist media outlets and Democrats in Congress for her approach to crime in the Boston area. “Rollins has been among President Biden’s smartest appointments,” the Los Angeles Times editorial board remarked of her candidacy to be a United States attorney in 2021.

Massachusetts Democratic Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren called Rollins “a great choice for U.S. Attorney,” and said they were “proud to recommend her to the Biden administration.” Following her fall from grace, Rollins obtained a part-time administrative position at Roxbury Community College. According to an announcement made public earlier this year to professors, she is assisting in the development of a program to assist offenders in reintegrating into society.

Fox News Digital requested a statement from Roxbury Community College, which did not respond.

When The Herald reached out to the school, they declined to comment.

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