MPD Confirms Federal Charges for Suspects in Orange Mound Mass Shooting

MPD Confirms Federal Charges for Suspects in Orange Mound Mass Shooting

Memphis, Tenn. –  Federal prosecution of the perpetrators of Saturday’s mass shooting in Orange Mound is what interim Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis announced she is pursuing.

Chief Davis stated that there has been an abundance of videos given by community members depicting the tragedy that lost two lives and injured seven others during a Tuesday city council meeting. She claimed there was enough evidence to bring federal charges because of that collaboration.

Davis stated, “We really started to receive a lot of intel after we raised the award money for CrimeStoppers.”

Davis stated that some of the stuff in the video footage is unsettling, but he did not go into depth regarding what was seen.

Residents of Orange Mound, meanwhile, are still in shock Tuesday following another shooting. Two days after the horrific mass shooting at Orange Mound Park, Memphis police were called back to Orange Mound on Monday night for a gunshot incident on Buntyn Street.

According to a mother from Orange Mound, a stray bullet from the gunshot went through their kitchen window. This mother expressed her fatigue with the recent spate of gun incidents in the neighborhood, citing the second one in less than a week.

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She went on to say that she’s now holding her little boy a little bit closer.

For me personally, I wish we could go back in time. Jonika Wilkins remarked, “Send them to the military; they want to shoot all these big guns.” There were bullet holes piercing another resident’s car and her house, and they extended to the next block.

According to Memphis police, one victim of the gunshot on Monday night was located and taken to Regional One Hospital in a non-critical condition.

According to Dr. Pamela Mccoy, an Orange Mound resident, “As a senior citizen, it is heart-wrenching to feel that our youth are killing one another.”

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Action News 5 was informed by an unnamed man who was caught in the crossfire that even a simple trip to the local grocery store is unsafe and that the younger generation is inciting terror.

They emerge from the automobile brandishing large weapons, extendo clips, and choppas that are larger than they are. How am I going to defend myself? We go into the store, and he may let off rounds immediately away if he feels like it,” he remarked.

To address juvenile criminality in general as well as assist with the Orange Mound shooting investigation, MPD has enlisted the aid of some well-known figures.

“Not only is the Memphis Police Department providing us with intelligence, but we are also leveraging all available data from our federal partners.” To assist the FBI in this endeavor, the ATF has been called in, according to Davis.

The criminality that young people commit in Memphis City Parks, according to her, is intolerable.

“We had incidents at Douglass Park and Hollywood Community Center, and not just with Orange Mound Park—our recreation centers are full of children,” Davis remarked.

A task force with Memphis-Shelby County Schools is being formed, according to Chief Davis, as part of the Memphis Police Department’s attempts to reduce teenage gun violence. Additionally, unlawful block parties and get-togethers are being disbanded.

“We need input from the community for us to be exact and quick in apprehending these individuals,” stated Davis.

Representative for District 4 of Memphis City Councilwoman Jana Swearengen-Washington expressed her sympathies to the families and persons who have lost loved ones or have been affected by these horrific acts of violence.

No suspect information related to the incident has been made public by Memphis police. Call Memphis CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH if you have any information.

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