Report Florida's Treatment of LGBTQ Residents Results in 'F' Rating

Report: Florida’s Treatment of LGBTQ Residents Results in ‘F’ Rating

DEBARYLIFE – Florida is ranked second to last by for its treatment of the LGBTQ population due to recent laws and safety issues.

Sunshine State received a “F” grade, one point lower than South Dakota.

The group used FBI statistics on hate crimes, a survey of 1,000 people, Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, and the Protection of Children Act.

Orlando is hosting “Gay Days” this weekend, while “Come Out with Pride” is scheduled for October.

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“Now that Florida is known for being dangerous, it is intolerable for our travel and tourism sector. People come here to visit. Orlando commission Patty Sheehan stated, “We want visitors to the Sunshine State to feel safe.”

53 people were injured and 49 people died in an Orlando gay nightclub in 2016.

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Three minors were present during a December 2022 performance of “A Drag Queen Christmas” at The Plaza Live in Orlando, which landed them in hot water with the state. The venue’s liquor license was threatened to be revoked by the state.

Nevertheless, the company agreed to forbid children from attending such gatherings and paid a $5,000 fine as part of the settlement of the lawsuit.

assaulting homosexual performers and drag queens. carrying out all of this, targeting transgender children. Everything has an effect, according to Sheehan.

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