SW Miami-Dade Daycare Threat, Pair Apprehended for Brandishing Rifles, Police Say

SW Miami-Dade Daycare Threat, Pair Apprehended for Brandishing Rifles, Police Say

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. –  After an incident at a daycare in Southwest Miami-Dade, two people have been placed under arrest. It is reported that the people brandished guns in the area surrounding the daycare center, causing panic.

Miguel Ruiz and Estrella Pereira are charged with taking two rifles out of a Corvette’s trunk in the parking lot of Devon Aire Kiddy College, which is close to Southwest 123rd Avenue, based on police records.

CCTV footage Steps away from children, Ruiz and Pereira are seen posing for what appears to be a picture session with what the authorities claim is a loaded gun.

“As soon as we learned what was happening, we started the required process. A daycare worker added, “We carried out our emergency protocol, which involved putting all of our kids on lockdown.

While Pereira allegedly took pictures of the situation, Ruiz allegedly pointed the weapons toward the school building and a mother picking up her child.

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A daycare provider remarked, “It’s crazy, something that never happens in this area, ever.”

When the mother arrived at the daycare to pick up her child, she noticed the two aiming their weapons toward the building and immediately contacted the police. When a Miami-Dade Policeman arrived on the scene, he gave Ruiz and Pereira the command to get down. The daycare went into lockdown right away.

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The two are shown in the video lying on the ground and complying with the officer’s instructions. There appears to be one of the firearms lying on the ground in between them. The firearm, according to the officer, had a “loaded magazine.”

Ruiz and Pereira appeared in court on Tuesday to answer to accusations of displaying a handgun close to school property and aggravated assault with a firearm.

Judge Mindy Glazer remarked, “It’s something different we don’t always see here.” “I know [Ruiz] might have been doing this for an advertisement or social media, but this is scary.”

Ruiz, who refers to himself as an “anabolic coach,” has no problem sharing his passion for firearms on the internet. In an internet video, he shows off his collection of firearms and fires at targets repeatedly.

He allegedly went up to the daycare to take pictures for social media using his firearms.

As a mother, I personally wouldn’t want this for my kids. We send kids to daycare every day so they’re safe,” a caregiver said.

The woman who alerted the police and the daycare facility has been told to keep away from Ruiz and Pereira.

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