Unimaginable Horror! Oklahoma Father's Alleged 'Hunt' Leaves Devastating Aftermath

Unimaginable Horror! Oklahoma Father’s Alleged ‘Hunt’ Leaves Devastating Aftermath

DEBARYLIFE – After his father “hunted” down his mother and older brothers in a startling murder-suicide inside a suburban Oklahoma house, the 10-year-old youngster woke up, according to authorities.

The 42-year-old Jonathan Candy and his wife Lindsay got into a heated quarrel that got out of hand. Pulling out a gun, he shot his wife “multiple times” until she died, and then “systematically went through the home shooting the children,” according to Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Gary Knight.

Officers arrived and discovered the ten-year-old outside unharmed; however, before Jonathan turned the pistol on himself, his brothers, Dylan, 18, Ethan, 14, and Lucas, 12, were all slain.

Don’t make a mistake. “What transpired in that house was practically a massacre,” Knight stated at a press conference on Tuesday. “The children were hunted down and killed.”

Unimaginable Horror! Oklahoma Father's Alleged 'Hunt' Leaves Devastating Aftermath (1)
A statement was provided to news outlets by the Candy Family.

“Our entire family has been left shattered and confused with so many questions we won’t ever have answers to,” claimed a family member. “Everyone was always grinning thanks to Jonathan’s jokes and silly attitude.

“His wife and kids were his whole life, barring these occasions. I can’t even begin to imagine what happened, but please give your family a big hug. Everyone impacted will need to go through a protracted recovery process.”

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After responding authorities discovered the murdered family and a 10-year-old boy outside the house on Monday morning, hours of incomprehensible confusion surrounded the murders.

Inside the Yukon, Oklahoma, residence, Knight described the scene as “carnage.”

Police said there had been no prior domestic incidents at the Yukon, Oklahoma, residence, which is a suburb of Oklahoma City. “It remains a mystery as to what caused Mr. Candy to murder his wife and three of his children,” they stated.

Don’t make a mistake. It was nothing less than a bloodbath that took place in that house. The kids were found and put to death.”

– Sergeant Gary Knight

Why he left his younger child alive is even more mysterious. “We will never know,” Knight remarked.

It’s “mind-blowing,” according to Candy family neighbor Edgar Felix, who spoke with the local ABC affiliate KOCO News 5. And in a house, no less.”

“It makes you wonder what kind of activity happened in that house,” Felix responded.

The eldest son graduated from Mustang Public School District last year, and two victims were now enrolled students.

Charles Bradley, the superintendent of schools, stated, “This tragedy simply defies understanding; we are shocked and our hearts are broken.”

In a statement released Monday, Bradley stated, “I share some very sad news with all of you with a very heavy heart.” “We are now able to confirm the deaths of two of our kids, a recent MPS graduate from 2023, as well as a sixth-grade student from Meadow Brook Intermediate and a ninth-grade student from Mustang High School, following the confirmation that a tragedy occurred at a home inside our District.

“While this has been a tough year for the MPS Family, both students and adults may struggle with managing their feelings and reactions to this news.”

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Although they were strangers to the victims, Bradley said the district assembled a crisis response team and asked parents to keep an eye on their kids’ behavior.

“Feelings of anger, hurt, guilt, and sadness are natural,” added the politician. “Anxiety, a brief loss of appetite, sleep difficulties, and worries about the well-being and security of friends and family are typical grieving reactions.

“Here are some tips for handling your child’s inquiries and worries: Pay attention to what they have to say, and let them know that you are always accessible to them with support and answers. Encourage your kids to communicate their emotions and to share your thoughts with them.”

To assist with these challenging talks, the school system provided a list of resources, which included this webpage.

“As the greater Mustang school community processes this news, we would like you to know that students of Mustang Public Schools have access to counseling support,” he stated. “Students and families only need to get in touch with their school counselor or administrator to take advantage of these services.”

“We’re here to support and collaborate with you. Although everyone is going through a tough moment, I have faith that our staff and kids will support one another during this trying time.”

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