Sheriff Confirms! Gang Member Apprehended in 'Ambush' Shooting of L.A. County Deputy

Sheriff Confirms! Gang Member Apprehended in ‘Ambush’ Shooting of L.A. County Deputy

DEBARYLIFE – A gang member in San Onofre who shot a deputy in the back while he was sitting on his department motorbike at a stoplight in West Covina has been apprehended by California Highway Patrol police, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna on Tuesday.

In an “ambush” at the intersection of Barranca Street and East Garvey Avenue on Monday at about 2:45 p.m., deputy Samuel Aispuro, 43, was wounded once, according to the authorities.

Following the shooting, Aispuro managed to radio for assistance, which led to a large-scale manhunt. The deputy is doing well at home now that he is discharged from the hospital in a stable condition, according to Luna.

At a San Onofre inspection station, CHP officers detained Raymundo Duran, 47, on suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and carrying a loaded weapon on Monday night. Duran was driving a silver Toyota Camry. After originally arresting Duran for suspected drunk driving, investigators linked him to the West Covina shooting, according to Luna.

Sheriff Confirms! Gang Member Apprehended in 'Ambush' Shooting of L.A. County Deputy (1)

“There was a lot of good detective work and eventually we connected all the dots,” Luna stated. He claimed Duran was then interviewed by homicide detectives from the sheriff’s office at the San Diego County jail.

“Based on statements, security camera video in West Covina, witness statements and the firearm recovered by CHP, detectives strongly believe Raymundo Duran is the suspect in the shooting of our deputy,” Luna explained. As a result of not having a $1 million bail, Duran is being held in the San Diego County jail.

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According to Luna, the CHP found a weapon that they think was used in the shooting, and it is currently undergoing forensic evidence testing.

Duran is a known member of a gang, according to Luna, though he wouldn’t identify which one. “His criminal past is quite substantial. He’s had a violent past,” the sheriff remarked. “He had no business being in the position of a firearm with his criminal history.”

Luna noted that until they are presented in court, more information regarding Duran’s motivation and the events that transpired will not be disclosed.

The gunshot witnesses who helped the injured deputy right away were commended by the sheriff. “In due course, their data gained significant importance. We consider you to be heroes.”

As a married father of two, Aispuro is currently thriving at home, according to Luna.

Luna restated that the bulletproof vest worn by the deputy “saved his life,” and that a murder probe would have probably resulted in its absence.

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Luna stated that Aispuro, a 19½-year department employee, released an emergency bulletin that contained information on the Camry. This led the authorities to a La Puente home, where they eventually released many persons who had been held but not arrested, according to Luna.

L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn stated in a statement that Aispuro was in West Covina for training and worked out of the Century station in Lynwood.

“It serves as a reminder to all of us that our deputies risk their lives every day to protect our communities,” she added, adding that the situation might have been far worse. “I stand ready to support the sheriff as he and his deputies work to bring the person responsible to justice.”

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