Outside workers staying hydrated and out of sun as much as possible amid heat advisory

Workers Outdoors Prioritize Hydration and Shade During Heat Advisory

As central Florida faces a heat advisory heading into the weekend, outdoor workers are navigating extreme temperatures, with “feels like” readings nearing 110 degrees in some areas.

Cody Bledsoe, an HVAC technician with seven years of experience in Florida, emphasizes the challenges of staying cool while repairing air conditioners in the scorching heat. He underscores the importance of hydration and shade to prevent heat-related illnesses, a sentiment echoed by others in similar professions.

Anton Martin, owner of English Air, Inc., prioritizes his employees’ well-being by encouraging hydration and providing measures to combat the sun’s ultraviolet rays during their long workdays.

According to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, heat-related illnesses caused 2,302 deaths in the United States last year, with Florida among the states most affected.

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Jeffrey Garcia, an independent water meter contractor, uses his truck’s air conditioning to cool down between assignments, highlighting the practical steps workers take to manage the intense heat.

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