Heat Advisory D.C. Faces High Temperatures in Upcoming Summer, How Can Be NOW

Heat Advisory: D.C. Faces High Temperatures in Upcoming Summer, How Can Be NOW?

Our very hot summer is about to heat up, D.C., so get ready to perspire a lot.

Why it is significant Summers in D.C. are hot and muggy, yes, but this one seems especially so: The Capital Weather Gang warns of lengthy 90-degree days as well as “brutal, sauna-like conditions.”

Extra forecasts: It is predicted that the average temperature in June through August will be around one degree higher than the average for the period from 1991 to 2020.

Compared to the norm of 34, there are 40 days in June, July, and August that are expected to reach 90 degrees.

This summer’s longest run of ninety degrees was between eight and ten days.
One or two days with a temperature of 100 degrees.

According to Capital Weather Gang, May was D.C.’s sixth consecutive month with above-average temperatures.

Close up: The effects of development and climate change brought on by humans have made summers hotter.

Climate Central’s data shows that D.C. has seen 16 more summer days above the long-term average since 1970, and 10 more days above 90°F during the same period.
Danger level: Severe heat contributes to wildfires and droughts and poses a serious risk to public health.

The overall picture: Given the country’s forecast for higher-than-average temperatures, it is important to pay attention to how climate change is changing the nature of American summers.

Additionally likely is an exceptionally active hurricane season, with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecasting eight to thirteen hurricanes and four to seven major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher out of 17 to 25 named storms of tropical storm intensity or more.

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Positive aspect: Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to cool off in the summertime. Local splash parks and public pools are officially open, and you can take a kayak, tiki cruise, or picnic boat out on the water to cool off.

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Waterfront bars with pizza and slushies, like this one that recently opened in Alexandria, are also quite useful.

Reality check: Although this summer is expected to be warmer than the previous one, it probably won’t be as hot as the three warmest on record, which are 2010 to 2012.

But like with weather, anything may always change: according to the Capital Weather Gang, “errors are possible because this kind of forecasting is experimental.”

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