Homestead Woman's Tragic End Pair Accused in Fatal Armed Carjacking Face Federal Charges

Homestead Woman’s Tragic End: Pair Accused in Fatal Armed Carjacking Face Federal Charges

DEBARYLIFE – Federal accusations of carjacking resulting in death in the death of Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas have been brought against Jordanish “Jordan” Torres-Gracia and Kevin “Kevo” Ocasio Justiniano, both 28.

Federal authorities in central Florida are prosecuting two men for the fatal armed carjacking and kidnapping of a Homestead woman that was seen on camera, the authorities announced on Tuesday.

The latest information on the death of 31-year-old Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas was revealed by Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Lemma stated that Kevin “Kevo” Ocasio Justiniano and Jordanish “Jordan” Torres-Gracia, both 28 years old, are accused of carjacking that resulted in death in the death of Aguasvivas.

The US Marshals Service took Torres-Gracia into custody on Friday. According to Lemma, Justiniano was taken into custody in Puerto Rico on Monday by the US Marshals Service.

At first, Justiniano was detained on suspicion of narcotics trafficking and having an automatic weapon. To face the carjacking charge, he is anticipated to be extradited to Florida.

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Lemma stated that Justiniano is thought to have been the driver and Torres-Gracia the shooter in the Aguasvivas carjacking.

“It is likely, more likely than not, and I believe, it’s Kevo driving the green Acura, and Jordan holding the gun at the window committing the kidnapping,” Lemma continued. “We believe the most dangerous people connected with this case are now off our streets.”

The violent kidnapping of Aguasvivas in broad daylight at a Winter Springs junction on April 11 was captured on startling witness footage.

A green Acura struck Aguasvivas’ rear bumper after she had left Homestead earlier in the day when she was operating a white Dodge Durango.

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Aguasvivas was seen in the witness footage stopping at a red light at the junction while a man wearing a mask stepped out of the Acura and approached the Dodge while brandishing a revolver.

According to authorities, they have located the body of a Homestead lady who was carjacked at gunpoint in central Florida. A recently made public 911 call shows the man’s reaction as he witnessed the horrifying incident on Thursday.

He aimed the rifle at Aguasvivas before climbing into the Dodge’s rear. According to the authorities, Aguasvivas was forced to drive by the gunman while he was holding her at gunpoint.

The Dodge proceeded into Osceola County, according to officials, and stopped at a new construction site where witnesses claimed to have heard gunfire.

Authorities discovered Aguasvivas’s body inside the burning Durango after they responded to a report of a burning automobile in the construction area, which was made less than two hours after the carjacking.

“This whole thing, I suspect from the beginning, everyone who’s watched this has known it’s about drugs and money,” added Lemma. “We’ll find out more specific details as this investigation goes but clearly there’s a drug and money nexus here.”

Lemma revealed on Tuesday that Justiniano was at the scene of the kidnapping according to his phone.

“There’s a lot of evidence that hasn’t even come back on this yet and again, still relatively early stages of this but a lot of good police work, taking an incredibly complicated and confusing situation with a lot of moving parts and putting it into play,” said Lemma.

According to officials, the Acura was discovered abandoned two days after Aguasvivas was killed.

Lemma stated that the Acura had been towed from an Orange County apartment building on March 19.

Lemma stated that on April 10, the day before Aguasvivas was kidnapped, the tow truck driver in question was discovered dead from gunshot wounds in Orange County.

Lemma claimed that out of the 100 shots fired at the location, at least one was a 10mm, which is unusual and rare. The green car that matched the Acura’s description was also present.

Justiniano was linked to the Acura through a relative who lived in the same apartment building as the red Toyota Corolla, according to Lemma.

According to Lemma, Justiniano was last observed picking up the Acura’s passengers after they had presumably cleaned and wiped it off.

According to officials, Giovany Joel Crespo Hernandez, 27, who is also a person of interest in the Aguasvivas case, handed himself in late Monday on a warrant for trafficking in fentanyl and possessing marijuana with the intention of selling it.

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Aguasvivas was connected to Hernandez, according to investigators. According to detectives, Hernandez was the last person to speak with Aguasvivas’ sister before the carjacking when the brother of the victim carried out his inquiry.

“Katherine was up here to deliver money and other stuff for a friend,” Hernandez reportedly informed Aguavivas’ brother when they spoke over the phone, according to investigators.

According to Lemma, the investigators think that when Aguasvivas was kidnapped, she was headed to meet Hernandez.

Lemma stated that Hernandez had not been prosecuted concerning the death of Aguasvivas.

According to Lemma, the U.S. Attorney’s Office will examine the case to decide whether to press more charges.

Lemma also mentioned that Aguavivas’ husband had stopped helping with the investigation and that her brother had told several lies to authorities.

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